President's Report for March

My Fellow Kiwanians,

Well, our long winter is finally over, and spring is just around the corner!! What a great time to be a member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and contributing to our many youth initiatives and fundraising!!

Here's just some of the events and luncheons you can look forward to in the coming weeks!!

Friday, March 25th

This luncheon at the Airport Hilton will feature Guest Speaker, Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, CEO of both Museum of Civilization and War Museum.  As well, we'll be holding a Special Vote for TV Bingo asking our Members to make this project a permanent fundraiser for the club!! We require a minimum of 1/3rd of club members to pass this motion, so please make a point of attending.

Friday, April 8th

This is our Annual New Member's Luncheon at the Fairmont Chateau. Join us for some fun and cameraderie!!

Thursday, April 28th

As announced previously, this is our Annual General Meeting scheduled for 5pm at the Airport Hilton.  Our audited Annual Report will be presented by Secretary-Treasurer Peter Charboneau, followed by our Club Elections.  The Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates for election and you will have to opportunity to express with your vote, how you wish our Club to be led in the coming years.  Please make a point of attending and participating in this democratic process.

Tuesday, May 3rd

Join us for the 11th Annual Kiwanis Bon Appetit Silent Auction at th Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park.  This is a food and beverage exposition with more than 70 vendors of fine products to sample.  As well, at the back of the hall, we're holding our Silent Auction with over 100 quality items for members and guests to sample.  Members are being asked to contribute any item of value over $200 to the Auction which will allow us to support our Kiwanis Foundation youth initiatives. 

Strategic Planning

Recently, I was asked by our Board of Director's to renew our Strategic Planning sub-committee in order to reassess our club's vision, mission and values while coming up with a refreshed strategy to lead our club now and in the future.  This sub-committee will be led by President Elect Martin Diegel along with Jamie Johnson who participated in our last Planning group.  As well, Peter Charboneau and Bron Vasic will support Martin and Jamie as we re-examine our goals and objectives in the near future.  It's extremely important at this point in time in our club's history to re-evaluate our vision for the future and decide where we need to be as the premiere service organization in Ottawa. 

TV Bingo

Finally, I wish to end my monthly report by advising all our Members of the great success that TV Bingo is achieving for our Club!!  Led by Tom Burnie, Steve Moore, Gary Flockton and Deidre Powell, our projected revenues through to the end of this fiscal year for 2010/11 will exceed $450,000 with net income in the range of $200,000.  This trememdous achievement could not have been accomplished without the total involvement of our club and it's members.  This new fundraiser will enable our club to succeed and thrive as we will now have the financial capability of funding new initiatives for the youth of our community as well as other endeavours.  I want to sincerely thank the TV Bingo Committee and our members for their involvement and support of this new effort.  The success and exposure in the community for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is without exception and our profile in our community and among Kiwanis has risen dramatically since TV Bingo began last November.  Congratulations and thank you!!

End of Report.