President's Report August 24, 2010

With Convention season now over and the official months of summer nearly finished it is almost time to look forward to the new Kiwanis year.  Your Board of Directors and the executive of our Club have been hard at work this summer and there are many exciting developments to report.

DISTRICT CONVENTION   Your Club was well represented at this year’s District Convention in St. John.  President-elect Martin Diegel, Lieutenant Governor-designate Bill Gosewitz, Past Lieutenant Governor Sam Bhargava and I were delegates.  It was a very busy convention, with a major structural revision to the governance of our District and of course the election for governor-elect that involved two candidates from our Division.

The District’s by-laws were amended to create a new level of governance to be called the Board of Trustees.  The District’s 28 divisions will be grouped into 9 regions and 10 regional trustee will be elected to represent the regions at the Board of trustees.  We will be in Region 3, which is comprised of Divisions 1,2,11,12 and 13.  Trustees will be responsible for governance, financial and policy matters.  This will eliminate the costly and unruly meetings of the 28 LGs and should free the LGs to work more closely with their clubs.  Processes for elections and communications still need to be developed before the 2011-12 year implementation.  For more detailed information please visit the documents on our web site

The Bytown Club’s past President Janet Atkinson was elected Governor-elect to serve as Governor for the 2011-12 year.  This is very exciting for our Division 12 and I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating her.  Our own Sam Bhargava was also a candidate in this election and despite the result I think Sam deserves our congratulations for his commitment to leadership in Kiwanis.

Our incoming Governor is Paul Toussaint, from the Caribbean Island nation of Martinique.  Governor Paul has set his sights for this coming year on our sponsored leadership programmes.  He is looking to expand and enhances these programmes and has asked each club to focus its attention on growing and improving their SLPs this year.

Next year’s convention is at the Blue Mountain resort in Collingwood, Ontario.  For anyone who has not taken the opportunity to attend a district convention you should plan to attend this one. These conventions are an opportunity to experience the enthusiasm and diversity that our District comprises.  There are 18 different countries represented in the EC&C District – the most diverse in Kiwanis – and the convention provides and opportunity to meet and make new friends from all of them.  I don’t think you can come home from a district convention more connected and committed to Kiwanis.  Try it next year – you won’t be sorry.


The amendments to the Revised By-law No.1 made at our Special Members’ meeting on June 17th required many additional amendments be made to the document to keep the processes described in the by-law functional.  For example, the addition of the mail in ballot meant that we could not have officer and director nominations from the floor at the AGM, because those nominated at the meeting would not be part of the mail in ballot.  All of the changes have now been made and the fully amended by-law will be re-presented to the members at a special meeting to be held during our luncheon on September 10.  The document has been posted on the web site and a notice of the meeting with a link to the site will be sent to all of you.

Please plan to attend the meeting on September 10 to cast your vote.


The development of this exciting new fundraising project continues on schedule.  We received confirmation just yesterday that we have the Monday night at 7:00 pm time slot.  This should assure the maximum number of viewers and was our first choice!  The marketing plan is near completion and Steve Moore is growing his sales team.  It’s time to consider your participation in this new project.  There is a lot to do and we need your help for this to succeed.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me or any member of the TV Bingo Executive Committee to get your answers.


President-designate Phil Rossy and the incoming executive committee are near completion of their plans for our next year.  Committee selection is well under way and I know that Phil is pushing hard to find every member a role at the committee level. 

For those of you that have not been active in a committee, please consider getting involved – committee work is the basis of our Club.  And for those of you that have been active members of one or more committees, please consider if it is time for you to move over to another committee.  There are many committees in our Club that need the help of active and experienced Club members.  You would be able to help strengthen our Club and it will reinvigorate your Kiwanis experience.