President's Report - July 19, 2010

Even in these sultry days of summer, there is a great deal of activity in your Kiwanis Club.  I know that many of you will be away with your families during these next few weeks, but please be sure to stay up to date with your committees and your Club.

Special General Meeting of the Members

We held our Semi-Annual Business meeting and Special General Meeting at the St. Anthony’s Soccer Club Hall on June 17.  Honorary Secretary-Treasurer Peter Charboneau gave us a brief report on the finances of the Club and then we held a detailed discussion on the schedule for our regular meetings and on the proposed revisions to our Club’s By-laws.  I am pleased to report that our move to 2 meetings per month received a strong endorsement and that after a couple of very well discussed amendments the revised By-law No. 1 was also passed.  The minutes of this Special General Meeting have been posted to our web site and are available for your review at the following link for members only

Kiwanis Conventions
The day after our Business meeting my wife and I left for Las Vegas to attend the 95th Annual Kiwanis International Convention – and to hike the Grand Canyon.  Both were a great success.

You will all, by now, have read President-designate Phil Rossy’s report from the Convention.  This was my third International Convention and I thought that it was the best one I’ve attended.  Las Vegas is definitely convention city USA.

And next year’s convention is in Geneva Switzerland, which is convention city in Europe.  These events recharge your Kiwanis batteries and connect you to other Kiwanians from around the world.

Closer to home, the our EC&C District’s Convention will be held in St. John New Brunswick, August 4-7.  Our own Sam Bhargava is running for District Governor-Elect and would appreciate your support.

Golf Tournament
Our largest fundraiser is just around the corner on August 16.  Sponsorships are going well this year but there are still opportunities and a few spaces for golfers as well.  If you know someone that may be able to sponsor or is interested please contact Committee Chairman Pat Charbonneau by email at

Pat will also be looking for volunteers very shortly.  So please mark August 16 in your calendar and be ready to enjoy the fun sun and fellowship and help Pat and his Committee achieve their fundraising goals.

TV Bingo

Our TV Bingo project is still on track for its first broadcast on November 1, 2010.   I’m very pleased to see that President-designate Phil Rossy and his team have filled all the executive positions.  And Tom Burnie continues his efforts to keep the agenda moving forward. The TV Bingo Executive Team now consists of:

Phil Rossy, Project Leader and Chair
Steve Moore, Sales & Distribution Team Leader
Gary Flockton, Operations Support Leader
Deidre Powell, TV Production Leader

Tom Burnie, Project Manager 

It is time to start thinking about how you can participate in this exciting new Club project.  In particular Vice President Steve Moore is looking for help to build his sales team, so please consider joining up.

InterClub, Sports and Social Committee Summer BBQ

On July 8th over 50 members and guests enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and views of Mike and Carol Lundy’s back yard.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to ensure this event was such a great success.

Web Site

More and more of the communications within our Club are located on our updated web site.  It’s now time to get your password from Jamie (email him at and log into the members only section of the site.  Please take some time to look over what you find there and make a contribution or a comment.