Just a short report this month, since most of the important issues will be discussed at our semi-annual meeting on Thursday.  Don’t want to steal my own thunder!

Special General Meeting of the Members

As you all should know, we will hold a Special General Meeting on Thursday, June 17, at 6:00 pm at St. Anthony’s Soccer Club on Preston Street.  We will discuss the revised meeting schedule, the proposed revised By-law No. 1 and general business.  Since this is a general meeting of the members we need a full turnout to ensure we have quorum and a full discussion of the issues.  Please put this in your calendars and plan to attend.

Engagement, Retention and Recruitment Campaign

We held a successful meeting at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club for 8 potential new members and their sponsors on June 9.  This was the follow-up to the commitments made in the campaign.  The Board is addressing the other recommendations from the campaign report and you will be hearing more about this in the very near future.

Cadets Annual Inspections

Our sponsored cadet corps had their annual inspections last week.  These are wonderful events that should be experienced by every Kiwanian.  The Governor General’s Foot Guards inspection was held at the Cartier Drill Hall on June 2.  The Guard had very successful year with many awards.  President-elect Martin Diegel represented the Club and made a rousing speech encouraging and congratulating the Cadets and their parents.

The Kiwanis 211 Air Cadet Squadron held their annual inspection at the Canadian Reception Centre at the Aeroport on June 5.  We were very excited to have the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Walt Natynczyk was the reviewing officer.  The general’s remarks and my speech from the event will be on the web site very soon.

Web Site

Communications Committee Chair Jamie Johnson has been working hard this year to migrate our web site to a new platform.  The updated web site is now completed and you are encouraged – in fact urged – to get your password from Jamie (email him at and log into the members only section of the site.  We will be relying more and more on the web site for our internal communications in order to add efficiencies and to save money.  But we will not reap the benefits of Jamie’s hard work, unless we all start using the site.