President's Report May 17, 2010


May 17, 2010

Summer seems to be here and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are about halfway through, with a Canadian team still in the hunt. Despite these distractions there are lots of activities going on in your Club.


I am very happy to tell you that the report from the ENGAGEMENT, RETENTION  & RECRUITMENT Campaign has been presented to the Executive Committee by Chairman Allan Castledine and vice Chairman Ross Christensen.  This report will soon be placed on the members’ section of the Club’s web site so that you all can have a chance to read its observations and conclusions.  I believe that we have gained some valuable insights from this campaign and I am very grateful to Allan and Ross for the significant effort they made in leading this campaign and creating the report.

They brought a number of recommendations to the Executive from the Campaign.  One that we can take on immediately is to follow-up on the new member recruitment opportunities that were committed to during many of the member interviews.  In fact over 40 members indicated they could recruit over 50 new members.

Our hope I to have as many of these potential members to a special lunch for them and their sponsor at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club on June 9.  We would also like to invite any member that has a potential member they would like to bring to this meeting on June 9 to contact myself, President-elect Phil Rossy or our Membership Committee Chair Dawn Morewood as soon as possible so that we can get you the new member information.

Bon Appétit Silent Auction

On May 4, our Club’s second major fundraiser was held at the Bon Appétit event.  You will know that up until the Friday before the event we only had a small portion of the items needed.  True to form our members came through at the last minute and we ended up with 146 items with a gross value of $57,146.  Even though this is quite a bit lower than previous years our percentage of return on the items was high this year and we yielded $31,398.  Remarkable this is only $13 les than last year (President-elect Phil Rossy has promised to make this up).  Chair Dave Donaldson seems to have kept most of his hair, which is quite impressive given what we put him through.

Thank you and congratulations to all of the Committee members and the volunteers.


We will hold our Semi-Annual Business Meeting on the evening of June 17, at St. Anthony’s Soccer Club on Preston Street.  The meeting we held there in the fall to discuss the results of the Members’ Survey was well received so we thought that it would work well for this meeting.  Please plan to attend. 

There are two significant matters to discuss.

The first is the luncheon-meeting schedule.  In November we began a reduced schedule of two meetings per month.  This was in response to many comments received last year that costs were causing our members some concerns.  This new schedule was established as a trial period that is to be considered at the semi annual meeting.

The second matter is the revision to our Club By-laws.  Our by-laws have not been reviewed for some 20 years and the Club has seen many changes since then.   Your Executive has prepared a significant revision to the Club’s main by-law. 

The result of having these two significant issues to discuss is that this will need to be a Special General Meeting for the Club.  The notice will be delivered to each of you within the next week or so with a copy of the proposed revised by-law.  Please be sure that you read through all of the documents and plan to come to the meeting to discuss these important topics.


As the summer months approach attendance at our Friday meetings tends to drop off.  Your Programme Committee is working hard to plan an interesting set of meetings for this summer.  Please keep yourself up to date on the summer schedule and plan to attend.