President's Report - December 2010

My Fellow Kiwanians,

Season's Greetings!! Happy Hanukah, and Joyeux Noel!!

Here is my brief report for December.  Wow, what a busy month this has been and continues to be for all of our members and their families.

Our Kiwanis TV Bingo keeps rolling along, with over 60 of our members, families and volunteers engaged in the project all working hard to make this important fundraiser a success.  Thank you to everyone who are contributing!!

 1. Dianne and I had the ultimate pleasure of being guests of new member Mark O'Neil in November at the Vimy Awards held at the War Museum.  It was delightful to see our men and women of the Armed Forces in full military formal dress at the Awards ceremony.  Truly an honour.

2. I attended the Salvation Army breakfast on November 25th at the Westin Hotel along with fellow members representing our club in support of the Army and all the good the do in our community.  It was great to support them once again.

3. We had a table of members at the 20th Annual Christmas Cheer Breakfast held on December 3rd in support of many charities in our community.  A full house of 1,200 in attendance with over $95,000 given to our community just from the proceeds of the breakfast.

4.  My family and I had the pleasure of attending our Annual Children's Christmas Party held on December 5th at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.  This wonderful luncheon was shared with over 140 adults, members, and children entertained by clowns, elves (Key Clubbers), Dominic D'Arcy's Young Stars and of course Santa!! The children were just besides themselves with excitement and joy!! Thank you to Gary Flockton, Rita and the Programme Committee for all their hard work and efforts.

5.  This coming Friday, December 17th will be our theme event, "Honour The Past, Build The Future", as we honour 3 of our longest serving members, Allan Castledine, Vince Calzonetti, and Barry Weatherdon.  As well, we will recognize our 93 years of great leadership in the community by inducting a new member, Frank Nisi, sponsored by Allan Castledine.  How's that for engagement!!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Club Executive, I want to thank all our members for their continued support of your club leadership and we take a break durig the Holiday Season to enjoy our families and some well earned rest and relaxation.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Members.

Phil Rossy
93rd President