Justin Trudeau Luncheon - October 25, 2010

Dear Fellow Kiwanians,

What a fabulous luncheon today!! If you had the opportunity to be among the more than 400 attendees in the Ballroom of the Chateau Laurier, you had a wonderful moment in time to enjoy M. Justin Trudeau's speech on "Youth In Action" in our society today. I watched many of our youthful audience listen in rapture to M. Trudeau's message and came away with an informed position on how they can actively participate in our community and society by getting involved today!! Our members, guests and youth including our 5 Key Clubs, 2 Circle K Clubs, 211 Air Cades and GGFG Army Cadets came away better informed than when they arrived. 

I hope you were as proud of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa today as I was.

Yours in Kiwanis,

President Phil.