Letter from President Alision

My Fellow Kiwanians,

It has been just over a month since I took over the great responsibility from Immediate Past President Martin of steering our great ship called the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. As many past presidents have told me, the time goes by in a flash. On the bright side, we are certainly getting lots accomplished.

Just before Turnover Day, I visited the Kiwanis Club of Manotick where I, Trish Creppin and Rob Thompson, received a very warm welcome to kick off our year of interclubs. Since then, I have met people from the Kiwanis Club of Orleans, Rideau, Pembroke and Sage.

On Turnover Night, it was so great to see so many Kiwanians and guests come out for an “Evening in Paris” at the Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport. I am so pleased that everyone had such a great time.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to visit the Strategic Planning Committee, Program, Interclub Sports and Social, Membership and the Bed Race Committee.

As promised, Kenzie and I have been attending as many functions as possible including the 25th Anniversary of the Youville Centre where our own Steve Georgopoulos and Hassa Mirchandani were honored. We also attended the Kiwanis Club of Manotick Charter Night and our club’s Shred It Day where we received incredible from Shred-it, one of our Corporate Members.

Kenzie and her facebook page are bringing a tremendous amount of exposure to the club. Coming up between now and Christmas, we will be attending the 25th anniversary of the Community Foundation of Ottawa. We will also attend the Christmas Cheer Breakfast, Kiwanis Family Christmas Party, Fairmont Chateau Laurier Holiday Party, as well as, our members Christmas Party. We will also be preparing and delivering Food Hampers on December 22nd as part of our Christmas food hamper program.

I am looking forward to sending you my next update and sharing all the great things our club continues to do. Yours in service, Alison Hunter 95th President Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

President's Report - April 2011

My Fellow Kiwanians,

Well, Spring has finally arrived after a long winter, although it's still very cold this late in April.  However, I'm sure that May flowers and warm temperatures will bring out the best in us as Kiwanians as we continue to celebrate the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa!

Here's a short list of uncoming events you should make note of and attend as dedicated club members!!

1.Annual General Meeting - Thursday, April 28, 2011, 5pm @ Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport

This important meeting

President's Report - January 2011

Happy New Year to All Kiwanians!! May you all have a Healthy & Prosperous New Year in the service of the Children of the World!

Here is my first report for the New Year.

1. What a fabulous luncheon we had last month on December 17th. We had the distinct privelige to honouring 3 of our longest serving active members, Allan Castledine, Barry Weatherdon and Vince Calzonetti.  Many family members, friends and past President's took time out of their busy schedules to attend this luncheon as we continue with our theme for this year to "Honour The Past, Build The Future".  As well, Allan introduced a new member, Frank Nisi, to celebrate our theme.  How's that for Engagement!!

2. Our 1st meeting of the New Year, was held at the Fairmont Chateau on January 7th with guest speaker, John Baird, MP for Ottawa-West/Nepean and a Cabinet Minister for the PC's.  We had an excellent turnout of 84 members and guests to start off the new year with a bang.  An excellent luncheon.  Let's keep up the improved attendance.  If you are coming to our meetings on a regular basis, then pick up the telephone and call a member friend of yours who hasn't come out for a luncheon in some time.  You'd be surprised and pleased to see some new faces and renew their acquaintance!!

3.  As most members are aware, new Election By-laws were passed last June, which for the coming fiscal elections and year for 2011/12 will reduce the size of the Board of Directors down from 9 directors to 7.  As well, a Nominating Committee will be struck which will recommend a slate of members for election to the Board in all positions except that of President Elect.  As such, I have asked Immediate Past President, Peter Nadeau to Chair a Nominating Committee comprised of 7 senior members and Past President's.  This committee will make it's recommendations known to the general membership at least 2 weeks prior to our Annual General Meeting.  The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 28, 2011 to be held @ 4:00pm at the Ottawa Airport Hilton Garden Inn.  In addition to Club Elections, the Annual Report will be presented by Honorary Secretary-Treasurer Peter Charboneau.  As well, members in attendance will receive a full report and update from Tom Burnie, Project Manager for the TV Bingo.  We will then vote on whether or not to make TV Bingo a permanent fundraiser of the Club.   I urge All members to attend this important meeting as this is your opportunity to make your choice for Club Officers and to participate in the democratic process of Club business. 

4.  Our Kiwanis TV Bingo resumed its regular Monday night schedule on January 10th and will continue each and every Monday evening @ 7:00pm on Rogers Cable 22 right through to June 27, 2011 to complete our 1st full season.  Starting with the last Monday in February to June, a Super Bingo will be held with $1,000 prize for the 1st 3 games and $2,000 prize for the full card.  As well, we have doubled the # of cards available for sale from 3,000 weekly to 6,000 giving us much greater opportunity to improve revenues.  Many of the Quickie stores were selling out rapidly as we struggled to keep up with the initial demands for bingo cards.  The excitement generated with the public is certainly encouraging and our TV Bingo committee is working very hard to make this important fundraiser a success.  Certainly, the Board of Directors and many members are aware of the strategic and financial importance of the success of this fundraiser for the future continued success of our Club and our service projects.

5. On January 8th, I attended LG Bill Gosewitz's 1st Division 12 caucus along with LG Germain Barr for Division 13.  Many club officers and President's attended and all of us are working as hard as we can to focus on club initiatives including growth in Membership.  Many of the smaller clubs are struggling to stay relative and healthy in their areas of the Ottawa Region and Valley and without membership growth, we will all decline to a point of no return.  For this reason, I've asked Membership Chair Ross Christensen to re-new and re-energize his Membership Retention and Recruitment plan for 2011.  We must meet our fiscal goal this year of bringing in 10-15 new members or more to maintain our current status and size.  Many members are aware that since 1995 we have declined in membership from over 250 members to less than 160 including honorary members and chaplains.  We absolutely must bring in and retain new members to remain a viable, healthy Kiwanis Club!!  This is my goal as well as LG Bill and LG Germaine for 2011!

6.  Upcoming Events this Winter!!

Join us on Saturday, February 5th for our Annual Winterlude Bedzzz Race at Dow's Lake!! Co-chair's Alison Hunter and Tyler McCabe are once again working very hard with their committee to make this important fundraiser a successful and fun event.  The media exposure on televsion and radio for our club is priceless.  Come out for some family fun!!

Your Interclub Sports and Social Committee is planning on renewing our annual Mont Ste. Marie weekend in the latter part of February.  Watch for this announcement and plan for it.  It will be a fun family weekend and it looks like we have plenty of snow for excellent skiing. 

7. And last but not least, I'd like to remind All members that if you are not currently serving on a Service, Fundraising or Operations committee for our club, you cannot be engaged as an active and productive member.   Please consider joining us as we need your continued support and engagement.  Many of our committee's do not have enough members to support their efforts.  Key Club, Circle K, Programme, Membership, Corporate Membership and others all need your service and time!!!

End of Report.

President's Report - December 2010

My Fellow Kiwanians,

Season's Greetings!! Happy Hanukah, and Joyeux Noel!!

Here is my brief report for December.  Wow, what a busy month this has been and continues to be for all of our members and their families.

Our Kiwanis TV Bingo keeps rolling along, with over 60 of our members, families and volunteers engaged in the project all working hard to make this important fundraiser a success.  Thank you to everyone who are contributing!!

 1. Dianne and I had the ultimate pleasure of being guests of new member Mark O'Neil in November at the Vimy Awards held at the War Museum.  It was delightful to see our men and women of the Armed Forces in full military formal dress at the Awards ceremony.  Truly an honour.

2. I attended the Salvation Army breakfast on November 25th at the Westin Hotel along with fellow members representing our club in support of the Army and all the good the do in our community.  It was great to support them once again.

3. We had a table of members at the 20th Annual Christmas Cheer Breakfast held on December 3rd in support of many charities in our community.  A full house of 1,200 in attendance with over $95,000 given to our community just from the proceeds of the breakfast.

4.  My family and I had the pleasure of attending our Annual Children's Christmas Party held on December 5th at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.  This wonderful luncheon was shared with over 140 adults, members, and children entertained by clowns, elves (Key Clubbers), Dominic D'Arcy's Young Stars and of course Santa!! The children were just besides themselves with excitement and joy!! Thank you to Gary Flockton, Rita and the Programme Committee for all their hard work and efforts.

5.  This coming Friday, December 17th will be our theme event, "Honour The Past, Build The Future", as we honour 3 of our longest serving members, Allan Castledine, Vince Calzonetti, and Barry Weatherdon.  As well, we will recognize our 93 years of great leadership in the community by inducting a new member, Frank Nisi, sponsored by Allan Castledine.  How's that for engagement!!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Club Executive, I want to thank all our members for their continued support of your club leadership and we take a break durig the Holiday Season to enjoy our families and some well earned rest and relaxation.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Members.

Phil Rossy
93rd President


An Invitation to Lunch!!

My Fellow Kiwanians,

As we enter the Holiday Season and the end of 2010, it's time for reflection.  "Honour The Past, Build The Future" is our theme for 2010/11.  With that in mind, I'm inviting all Kiwanians, past and present,  to join me on Friday, December 17, 2010 at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier as we recognize and honour 3 great Members and Past Presidents'.  Collectively, Allan Castledine, Vince Calzonetti and Barry Weatherdon have served the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa for over 170 years!! 

Join us as we celebrate 93 years of community service and acccomplishment for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa while honouring these 3 great members!!

Phil Rossy
President 2010/11

KCO Children's Xmas Party

Wow, what a great party we had today at the Chateau!! Over 100 adults and 50 children attended today's Annual Children's Xmas Party in the Ballroom of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.  The children were so happy and excited to have such a fun event with great food, clowns, and Santa.  A very special thank you goes out to Dominic D'Arcy and his Young Stars who provided musical entertainment and beautiful Xmas music and songs.  And of course, our day was made special with a visit from Santa!! The little ones just loved telling Santa what they wanted to have special for this Xmas.

The party could not have been successful without all the hard work of Gary Flockton and Rita and our little elves from our Key Clubs!!! Thank you again, everyone.

President's Report - November 2010

Fellow Kiwanians

Here is my Report for October/November 2010. As mentioned last month, I will post this report prior to each scheduled Board of Director's meeting which is normally held during the 3rd week of each month.

As most of our members are aware, the past 4-6 weeks have been extremely busy with many functions and much work has been accomplished by our members in many areas. We continue to strive to give back to our community by provided support and encouragement to our children and our projects. Our Board of Directors and Committee Chairs are hard at work in the beginning of our year for 2010/11 and we still have much to accomplish. As most of you know, our goals and objectives have been clearly laid out last summer when I presented what I and our team hope to accomplish this year. Here are some of the highlights of work achieved this past month by our club.

  1. New Members - both our Membership and Corporate Membership committee's continue to work hard at bringing in new members. Just this past month, we introduced Paul Arnold, James Taylor, David Puff and Claude Drouin. Claude and Mark O'Neill are new Corporate Members from the Canadian War Museum and Canadian Museum of Civilization and we welcome them. As well, David Puff is our new representative from the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel, and James Taylor is a new individual member from Ottawa, and Paul Arnold has transferred from the Kiwanis Club of Kingston, Ontario. Welcome, gentlemen. Get involved and get engaged in our club activities and find out what suits you best in lending your skills, knowledge and experience to our club.
  2. Justin Trudeau Luncheon - the luncheon held on October 25th was are resounding success attended by 400 members, guests and youth. Congratulations to the sub-committee who worked so hard on making this a success... Helene Crabb, Steve Georgopoulos, Bill Gosewitz, Ross Christensen and Bernie Shinder. A great success. Thank you to all.
  3. Shred-It Day held on Saturday, October 23rd was another resounding success raising over $7,560 to supply over 100 needy families this Xmas with food hampers. Congratulations to everyone who took the time to contribute to making this day such a success. Especially to Ian Peddie who organized and spent so much time in handling all the details. On November 10th, Ian, Neil McDonald and I attended the Shred-It employee appreciation event held at their plant in Ottawa East, and we were given the opportunity to thank them and to show our appreciation.
  4. Kiwanis Club of Manotick 50th Anniversary - just last Saturday,November 13th, we attended the KC of Manotick's Charter Celebration with a dinner/dance attended by over 150 persons. My wife, Dianne and I had the pleasure of joining Allan and Marjorie Castledine, along with Kathleen Holst, and Wayne and Firma French, to represent our club at their celebration. A very tasteful and classy affair.
  5. Kiwanis TV Bingo - by now most of our members are aware that last Monday, November 8th, we launched our new club fundraising initiative on Rogers Cable 22. Our 1st bingo went off without a hitch and thanks to the  committee and all members and volunteers who have spent so much time inmaking this fundraiser a reality. Special thanks goes out to Steve Moore,Tom Burnie, Gary Flockton, Warren Gencher, Geoff Godding, Deidre Powell, Guy Bourbonniere and Tom Beveridge for their dedication and efforts. I'm sure we will have lots to report shortly as the weeks go by. Keep up the great effort!!

Here are some important dates to remember in the upcoming weeks for our members:

  1. November 15th - Next Kiwanis TV Bingo @ 7PM.
  2. November 15th - Board of Director's Meeting @ 4pm @ Rogers TV -475 Richmond Road
  3. November 19th - Kiwanis Luncheon @ Hilton Ottawa Airport - come early for some fellowship and refreshments.
  4. November 25th - Salvation Army Breakfast @ Westin Hotel - 7am
  5. November 26th - Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Member Christmas Party -Home of Tom Burrow's - Limit of only 40 members so book early!
  6. December 3rd - 20th Annual Christmas Cheer Breakfast @ WestinHotel - 7am. Join us at our Kiwanis Table.
  7. December 5th - Annual Family Christmas Party - 12 Noon at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier - an annual affair and always well attended.
  8. December 17th - Last Kiwanis Luncheon Meeting of the year - Join us as we celebrate our 93rd Charter Date and Anniversary. A very special affair for members to enjoy.

Please join me in the coming weeks' to enjoy the very best we have to offer in Kiwanis!!

Phil Rossy,
President, 2010/11

Cell: 613-797-9498

Email: president@ottawakiwanis.org


"A proud member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa"

Justin Trudeau Luncheon - October 25, 2010

Dear Fellow Kiwanians,

What a fabulous luncheon today!! If you had the opportunity to be among the more than 400 attendees in the Ballroom of the Chateau Laurier, you had a wonderful moment in time to enjoy M. Justin Trudeau's speech on "Youth In Action" in our society today. I watched many of our youthful audience listen in rapture to M. Trudeau's message and came away with an informed position on how they can actively participate in our community and society by getting involved today!! Our members, guests and youth including our 5 Key Clubs, 2 Circle K Clubs, 211 Air Cades and GGFG Army Cadets came away better informed than when they arrived. 

I hope you were as proud of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa today as I was.

Yours in Kiwanis,

President Phil.

Turnover Speech - October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010  TURNOVER DAY   "HONOUR THE PAST, BUILD OUR FUTURE"  By Phil Rossy, 93rd President

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Head Table Members, my Fellow Kiwanians, Honourable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming today to recognize all of the efforts oflast year's committees', board members and Executive and to welcome andsupport the incoming Board, Committee Chairs and Executive for 2010/11.

I'm pleased and thankful to have my family with