Audit and Governance

The Audit and Governance Committee has responsibilities which include ensuring that the Club stays compliant with new Federal and Provincial Legislation for charities, and operates in an efficient manner with the funds that it raises. 


The Communications Committee supports the Club's efforts to inform both the Public and Members about the Club's activities and directions. This includes supporting the Web site, preparing media releases, support the Social Media efforts for Twitter and Facebook, as well as supporting the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa brand at all events.


  • The committee supports the Communications and Public Relations needs of the Club through its current tools (web site and social media).
  • The committee ensures that the Club and its committees are consistent with the brand in any communications for the Club.

Interclub, Sports and Social

One of the key parts of a Service Club is the social component of getting to know fellow members and enjoying their company. The ISS Committee helps support that goal by organizing meetings with other Kiwanis Clubs, as well as social events inside of the the Club.


A key to a healthy Club, is an active and engaged membership, and the Membership Committee is responsible for attracting new members to the Club, and ensuring that existing members are able to contribute to the growth and vitality of the Club.


The Program Committee organizes the bi-weekly meetings of the Club and provide the membership with topical and engaging speakers. During the year, the Committee ensures that the weekly meetings are able to inform members of the on-going activities of the Club.

2017 EC&C Convention

The Kiwanis Clubs in the Ottawa area will be hosting the Eastern Canada & Caribbean District Convention. The Convention will align with the Club's 100th anniversary, as well as 150 years anniversary for Canada. The event will see 500 Kiwanians arrive in Ottawa as part of an annual planning process.

All the details about the convention are available their web site, and can be followed on their Facebook page.

2017 Sesquicentennial

Canada will be 150 years old in 2017, and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa will be 100. The Club will undertake a number of endeavours to celebrate the anniversary of the Club and its contributions to the community.