Rick Barrigar - Celebration of his life

Friends are invited to visit at the Central Chapel of Hulse, Playfair and McGarry, 315 McLeod Street (at O’Connor), on Saturday, May 12th from 2:30pm until the Celebration of Rick’s Life Service at 3:30pm.   Sandwiches, tea and coffee with the family from 4 p.m to 6 p.m.

Presentations will be made by - 
John Holgate - Hockey Players & friends
Brian Bockstael - Staff & friends
Alan Smith - Kiwanis
Peter Marshall - Fisher Park Alumni & friends
Tom Burns - Barbershoppers and friends
Bobby Pentland - anybody we missed. 

 As Rick was fond to say:   Abyssinia

Congratulations Phil Rossy! Lt. Governor for 2012-13, and remainder of 2011-12

At the recent Caucus Meeting for Division 12 and 13, EC&C District Governor Janet Atkinson Des Roches, was pleased to announce that Immediate Past President Phil Rossy of our club,  was elected as Lieutenant Governor for Division 12 for the remainder of this fiscal year 2011/12, and for next year 2012/13. 

"I’m very proud and pleased to serve on your behalf and look forward to the opportunity of meeting all of the Club Presidents and Officers of the 8 Kiwanis Clubs in Division 12, as follows:"   

1.       KC Bytown 
2.       KC Cornwall 
3.       KC Orleans 
4.       KC Ottawa 
5.       KC Ottawa-Vanier 
6.       KC Rideau 
7.       KC Riverside 
8.       KC Hull 

The Lt. Governor has many responsibilities, which include ensuring participation in club leadership education, helping clubs boost their membership, building new clubs and increasing club, members’ engagement and morale.  These responsibilities go a long way toward maintaining the health and vitality of Kiwanis.  Congratulations Phil!

Club Election Results

Club Elections Results – Congratulations to the Board of Directors for our 2012-13 year, effective October 1, 2012, which was announced at our AGM:

President 2012/13             Alison Hunter  
President-Elect:                 Peter Charboneau 
Vice Presidents
(2):           Guy Bourbonniere
                                         Gary Flockton
Tom Burrow                                               
Tom Burnie                                 
Bob Garrow
Wayne French

Guy Milne

Dawn Morewood
Howard Whittaker

Honorary Secretary-Treasurer    -    Mark O’Neill   has been appointed by President-Designate Alison Hunter.

On behalf of the Club, I would like to congratulate and thank each of these members for their commitment to the leadership of our Club.

I would also like to thank the members of the Nominating Committee who were:
John Callan
Neil McDonald

Patrick McGarry
Barb Perrin
Brian Reinke
Phil Rossy  (Chair)

Barry Weatherdon

Thank you all very much.   
President Martin

Membership - NEW Family Membership Category

As presented by Director Guy Milne, Chair of the Membership Committee for 2011-12, the committee is pleased to present the new Family Membership Category which has been approved by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Board of Directors. This new category will provide the opportunity for families to share their Kiwanis membership for a nominal fee.

Click  HERE to see this document on Family Membership.  

Roster changes - please make changes in your roster

1.   Will Thompson, remove business affiliation for HSBC Bank Canada.
       He can be contacted on his home email  wm.w.thompson@gmail.com

2.  Ken Miller, new business affiliation
       Commercial Account Executive
       Bytown Travel
       469 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON  K2P 2E6
       613-238-6300    ken@bytowntravel.com

3.  Dan Brunette, correct email address  is dbrunette@bgcottawa.org

4.  Victor Ferreira, name of business now National Hotel & Suites
        new email vferreira@nationalhotelottawa.com

5.  Mike Moore,  new email   mike@moorholdingsltd.ca

6.  Peter Nadeau, new email  peter_nadeau@rogers.com



Membership - Welcome new member Don Charboneau!

On February 10, 2012, Clive Woolley was proud to introduce Donald Charboneau, who will be part of our new Family Membership Category, as approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors, in January 2012.

Don is the son of Vice-President Peter Charboneau, and, the grandson of the late Don Charboneau, who is on our Hall of Fame with the note "31 years of perfect attendance".   Don is a  Senior Policy Analyst with Department of Natural Resources, and has spent half a dozen years managing YMCA bingo in Belleville, Ontario and has attended many Kiwanis meetings. Joining Kiwanis has long been on his mind and now is a good time. He will be joining our Bed Race Committee.

First 3rd generation Kiwanian in the history of the club.    Don was

Giant Interclub with the Kiwanis Club of Sage

YOU ARE INVITED to the Kiwanis Club of Sage,
Wednesday, February 15th,  10 AM
Woodroffe United Church,  207 Woodroffe Ave
Cost: $ 4.00 for coffee and muffins

The Kiwanis Club of Sage will be hosting this Giant Interclub with a variety of entertainment provided by various contestants in the 2012 Kiwanis Music Festival National Capital Region

Roster changes + New Member Don Charboneau

The New Rosters are here!    For those members who have not yet picked up a new roster at a luncheon, the remainder are being mailed out this week. Please make changes in your new roster.  For new member info, print, cut, and paste into your roster.

1.  David Daubney, correct email davidbdaubney@gmail.com

2.  Dan Brunette, correct email dbrunette@bgcottawa.org

3.  Peter Nadeau, new address and email
207 Bank Street, Suite 154, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2N2
Phone: 613-769-2327  peter_nadeau@rogers.com

4.  New Member coordinates - print, cut and paste into your4. 
Introduced on Friday, February 10, 2012 -

Charboneau, Donald                    2012
Senior Policy Analyst, Federal Government
Department of Natural Resources
580 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0E5
613-992-3863    donald.charbonea@nrcan.gc.ca
69 Eleanor Drive, Ottawa, ON   K2E 6A1
Spouse: Ann     Sponsor:Charboneau, Peter

Roster changes + 4 new member coordinates

Please make the following changes to your new roster.  Cut the new members' info and paste it into your book. Thank you!

1.  Victor Ferreira,
new business name and new email address:
National Hotel & Suites Ottawa 

2.  Richard Seguin, new business address:
Usher Capordelis Seguin & Associates Ltd.
530 Industrial Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1G 0Y9
613-228-5050 x 214 

3.  New Member  - Bill Harsh
WMC - Water Management Consultants, Inc.
1010 Polytek Rd, Unit 19, Ottawa, ON  K1J 9J1
613-860-3962 x 1  Fax 613-741-2111  wharsh1154@gmail.com

4.  New Member - Nadeen Abou-Shaaban
SunLife Financial
1525 Carling Avenue, Ste #600, Ottawa, ON   K1Z 8R9
613-728-1223 x 2248, fax 613-728-4836 

5.  New Member - Mayor Jim Watson

Mayor, City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West,  Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1
613-580-2496,  fax 613-580-2509  Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca

6.  New Member  - Gordon Smith
OnTrackDesignz, web development
13 Bullman Street, Ottawa, ON   K1Y 2S2
613-327-1490   info@ontrackdesignz    www.ontrackdesignz

Membership - Prosposed for Membership


At the Board of Directors' meeting on February 1, 2012, the Board approved the recommendation of the Membership Committee to accept the following  as  part of our NEW Family Membership Category, as approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors, and presented by Guy Milne, Chair the Membership Committee, at the Kiwanis luncheon on January 2012.  

1.  Arthur Morewood, Retired, sponsored by his wife, Dawn Morewood, and Kathleen Holst.  Art has been a contributing volunteer for 10 years - reading at Connaught Public School, TV Bingo ticket delivery and pickup, Bed Race on-site, and many other Kiwanis events and projects with Dawn.  An avid cyclist, Art is a Bike Race Ottawa organizer, and is a volunteer crossing guard for Metcalfe Public School.    He is interested in the Bed Race Committee and Volunteer Coordination.

Objections, IF ANY, must be presented to Martin Diegel, President of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, in writing, before February 10, 2012.

Membership - Welcome new members!

We are pleased to welcome the following new members - January 2012

Nadeen Abou Shaaban -  Financial Advisor at Sunlife Financial at 1525 Carling Avenue, Ottawa.  Nadeen was sponsored into our club on January 13, 2012, by Wadah Al-Ghosen and Bob Horlick.   She has volunteered with the Ottawa Food Bank and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, as well as helping youth in the community by raising money for travel for culture awareness, music and sports.

Bill Harsh - Owner and President of WMC Water Management, Bill has rejoined our club and was sponsored by President Martin on  January 13, 2012.  He was a member of our club from 1998 - 2007, then transferred to the Kiwanis Club of Orleans.   He was very active with our Hands-On Committee and was Chair of the Committee in 2002 and played a key role in our Project Stay Warm, along with Salvation Army Toy Mountain, and our support of the Canadian Special Olympics

Gordon Smith - President of OnTrackDesignz, web development, Gordon was introduced to our club by Wayne French on January 27, 2012.   He is a member of the Nepean Chamber of Commerce, and Citizens for Safe Cycling. He has volunteered with our TV Bingo and is excited about being a member of our club.   We were pleased to have Gordon's badge pinned by Mayor Jim Watson, who was our guest speaker on January 27th. 

Mayor Jim Watson -   It is a fine tradition of our club to have the Mayor of the City of Ottawa as a member of our club.   Mayor Watson was a member of our club from 1992 to 2003 and we are happy to have him return as an Honorary Member.  He was sponsored into our club by  President Martin on January 27, 2012, and we are proud to have him as an Honorary Member of our club.