Upgrading Your Laptop?

Want to get rid of your old ones? The Secondary School in the Mayan village of Tekal de Venegas, Yucatan, Mexico, has about 300 students. Most are of Mayan Indian descent. At present the school has one computer for all students who range in ages 8 to 12 years. The Mexican Government has instituted a policy to make internet available to all schools but there is a shortage of equipment to receive the signal. Betty and Brian McGowan of Edwards, Ontario have been transporting and donating material to the town Library, Medical Clinic and the School for the past 10 years. They will be going there again in January 2014. This year the School asked if it would be possible to bring them laptops to help with their curriculum. If you can help with the laptops, please contact Betty or Brian McGowan 613-821-1840 brianmcgowan@xplornet.com Thank you!