Roster changes - new members / resignations - please note changes in your new roster

1.   On December 17, 2010  we welcomed the following new member:

Frank Nisi       
Hewitt, Hewitt, Nesbitt, Reid LLP
#604-75 Albert St.  Ottawa, ON   K1P 5E7
613-563-0202x313   fax 613-563-0445
Spouse:   Isobel Presedo    Sponsor:   Allan Castledine

NOTE  - Home addresses are not posted on the website.

2.    On January 7, 2011, we welcomed the following new member:

Patricia Creppin

Health and Welfare
ph 613-440-5544   fax 613-440-5588
cell 613-883-2854
Sponsor:   Dawn Morewood

3.   Resignations in November and December -

Michael Watson
Les Morin
Anthony McGlynn
Kent MacDonald (corporate membership transferred to Steve Georgopoulos)
Conrad Stoltz
Grant Yusak