Congratulations Phil Rossy! Lt. Governor for 2012-13, and remainder of 2011-12

At the recent Caucus Meeting for Division 12 and 13, EC&C District Governor Janet Atkinson Des Roches, was pleased to announce that Immediate Past President Phil Rossy of our club,  was elected as Lieutenant Governor for Division 12 for the remainder of this fiscal year 2011/12, and for next year 2012/13. 

"I’m very proud and pleased to serve on your behalf and look forward to the opportunity of meeting all of the Club Presidents and Officers of the 8 Kiwanis Clubs in Division 12, as follows:"   

1.       KC Bytown 
2.       KC Cornwall 
3.       KC Orleans 
4.       KC Ottawa 
5.       KC Ottawa-Vanier 
6.       KC Rideau 
7.       KC Riverside 
8.       KC Hull 

The Lt. Governor has many responsibilities, which include ensuring participation in club leadership education, helping clubs boost their membership, building new clubs and increasing club, members’ engagement and morale.  These responsibilities go a long way toward maintaining the health and vitality of Kiwanis.  Congratulations Phil!