Recommendations from the Membership Committee

 At the Board of Directors meeting on Monday, May 17/10, the Board approved the following recommendations from the Membership Committee:

1.   Resignation of Janet Dodds, Pawan Gupta and Lee Storm.

2.   Proposed for Membership 

a)  Deidre Powell, Lawyer, sponsored by Dawn Morewood and Jan Mansfield.  Deidre was Vice-President of the Jamaican Association for 1 year, and is a former Circle K member with the University of West Indies.  Other associations include the Jamaica Bar Association, Law Society of Upper Canada, and Ontario Mediator Association.  She has a teenage daughter,  enjoys photography, and has volunteered for our Bedzzz Race.

OBJECTIONS, if any, should be sent to President Peter Nadeau, in writing, no later than May 29, 2010.

 b)  We are also pleased to welcome Rabbi Steven Garten who will be an Honorary Chaplain of our club.   Rabbi Garten was selected as Rabbi of the Temple Israel of Ottawa in 1995 and also teaches at the Florence Melton Adult Mini School at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre. He has been a strong supporter of Interns for Peave, the New Israel Fund, and other organizations promoting Peace in the Middle East, and has served on numerous national and communal committees. He is married to Lisa Hans and has two children.