Dec Prepaid Luncheons

$$$$ Oct – Dec Prepaid Luncheons – Members who Prepay their luncheons and had given us permission to charge their credit cards, have been charged $208.00 for October - December luncheons. ($26 x 8 = $208). Those members, who needed an invoice for processing, are encouraged to process the invoice upon receipt.

As previously confirmed, the 10 Luncheon booklet is no longer available and all members are to select one of the 2 remaining options:
1. Prepay your luncheons quarterly at the reduced rate of $26 per luncheon (Oct – Dec there are 8 meetings, 2 meetings per month for Jan-Mar, Apr-Mar, Jul-Sep)
2. Pay at the Door $33– you can pay cash, cheque or credit card. It would assist us greatly if you gave us permission to charge your credit card automatically whenever you attend. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.