Direct Assistance

Christmas Lunch for Seniors

For over 40 years the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has been serving lunch to seniors for Christmas. This year's luncheon took place at the Good Companions Centre, and was attended by over 100 seniors, and lunch was served by Kiwanians and their families. Santa Claus was in attendance, and the entertainment was provided by Dominic D'Arcy and his Rising Stars.

Kiwanis Luncheon - Allen Ure - Kiwanis EC&C District Governor

This was the official visit of Kiwanis EC&C District Governor Allen Ure as we were joined by Kiwanians from the area.

Joe Roberts of Push for a Change who will be pushing a shopping cart across Canada next summer to draw attention to the issue of youth homelessness. His topic tied in with our recent partnership with the Youth Service Bureau.

2015 Outstanding Individual Philanthropist for Sam and Uttra Bhargava

From the time they met, Sam and Uttra have been generous philanthropists.

Sam, a mechanical engineer, has been a dedicated member of Kiwanis for over 24 years, acting in a number of capacities. Uttra has been an active volunteer and leader at the Kiwanianne Club of Ottawa. He and Uttra were instrumental in the Parliamentary declaration of National Child Day in Canada. For the last 30 years, she has been the president of two large day care centres in Ottawa. Sam is also a member of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation Board.
Heartache led them to support research at The Ottawa Hospital. They cared for and watched as Sam's parents, both of whom were brilliant scientists, authors, and successful industrialists, wasted away, suffering for years from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Then they suffered further tragedy when their eldest daughter, Suruchi, was hit by a drunk driver in New York, which left their vivacious, young daughter a quadriplegic. 
In coming to terms with this tragedy, they learned about the intricacies of the health system as they worked to improve the quality of their Suruchi's life. These experiences also provided Sam and Uttra with the empathy, desire, and knowledge necessary to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people who are enduring long term medical conditions. 
Sam and Uttra consider themselves fortunate to be in a position to contribute financially to the worthy cause of furthering brain and spinal cord research in Ottawa - two causes very close to their hearts. In 2012, they donated $1 million to establish the Bhargava Chair in Movement Disorders at The Ottawa Hospital, with Dr. Michael Schlossmacher as the Chair holder. Their most recent gift, established the Suruchi Bhargava Chair in Spinal Cord Research, which supports neurosurgeon Dr. Eve Tsai's research.
Sam and Uttra Bhargava's generosity is advancing research, which will make an enormous difference in improving the lives of patients suffering from brain and spinal cord damage. Their hope is that the research they are supporting will one day lead to cures. 

Xmas Hamper Project

On Saturday, Dec. 20th, Kiwanis members, their family and friends delivered Xmas baskets to 175 families, and Costco delivered to another 35 families.  The preparation of the boxes and the bulk of the packing was done by Ian Hendry and his dynamo staff at Hendry Warren over 3 nights. Many members and their family and friends helped with the packing and loading on Saturday.  The coordination of the drivers went very smoothly, and thank you to everyone who delivered the food to the families.  

The project was started this year with the Watch-it, Shred-it Day which raised almost $10,000. The fund raising event is supported by Shred-it and

With donations from Costco and other donors, $23,990 was raised to cover the cost of the food making this program self-supporting. 

In addition, Costco donated 95 turkeys, Dole supplied 2700 lbs of foodand Canada Bread who donated 800 loaves of bread, making the food value much higher than $23,990. The pickup and delivery of the food was made possible through the loan of a truck from The Ray Otten Group.

To the ‘Committee without a Chair’ – Bill Gosewitz, Ian Hendry, Neil McDonald, Ian Peddie and Dave Trigger – you guys must be tired now but very proud of another successful event!  Thank you for leading a great project!! 

President Gary Flockton.

Staples School Supply Drive

The Staples School Supply Drive is now on! 

This is a Kiwanis Club of Ottawa project, and a few Staples stores in Ottawa show our club as the charity. They can also take cash donations which are turned over to supplies to be given to the schools of Kiwanis’ choice. It’s EASY for everyone to buy a few items and drop them into the bus.  It doesn't take much for us to support the children in need in the community.    Thank you!

Innovative palliative care program receives funding from the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

OutCare Foundation’s Telelink program, which will connect palliative care teams in Ottawa and rural surrounding areas through video conference technology.

Remote communities will have better access to the latest palliative care medical research. Two-way distance consultations with specialist teams will result in better assessment of symptoms and improved care for patients. Rural hospice staff will also be able to receive specialized training in the latest palliative treatments and research through video workshops and seminars.

One Can Make a Difference - Barb Perrin

The President’s Rose President Alison honoured Kiwanian Barb Perrin with this week’s President’s Rose. Barb joined our club in 1990, has served on the TV Auction, the Duck Race, Direct Assistance, the Kiwanis Music Festival, been a Board Member for 4 years, chaired our Community Service Committee, and organized a Golf Tournament silent auction last year that raised $17,000.00.

She has also served as the Director responsible for the Interclub Sports and Social Committee.

The next time any of us thinks that we are too busy to do something, we need to think about Barb Perrin and make the time, just as she has done on many occasions.