Youth and Community Services

The Youth and Community Services (YCS) Committee's function is to identify members of our community who have "fallen through the cracks" and are in need of aid of some kind.

The assistance is not reserved for children but they are our club's "Priority One." The aid we provide is often financial, in amounts from $50 with most situations requiring approximately $500. The total budget allotted by our Board of Directors for YCS is $30,000.

YCS has a $4,000 budget to assist young campers and $2,000 previously committed to fund orthodontic work for young people. YCS does not normally provide funding to other charities. It is always our preference to know specifically who will benefit from our assistance.

Many times YCS's aid is not financial. For example, over the years a small inventory of power and regular wheelchairs has been maintained and we receive many requests each year for these devices. In other cases a member of YCS is able to use personal contacts (including other Kiwanians) to find particular items which are needed. These are usually assistive devices of some kind but we also receive requests for computers, fax machines, bookshelves, etc.

Some recent examples of YCS assistance include: a young man who received a special garment to wear over his severe burns which will allow him to continue working while healing, a wheelchair for a local woman, assisting a family with the costs of transporting a child with cerebral palsy to and from special classes and sponsorship of a team of Special Olympians to enter the Dragon Boat Race Festival.

If you are aware of a situation where someone in our community needs help please have that individual submit a one page written request to the Kiwanis office. One of our committee members will then investigate the request at our next YCS Committee meeting and the committed will then decide how we can help. YCS makes all this possible because of the hard effort you have put into fundraising.

I encourage all of you to attend one of our meetings to see how we operate and to see first hand your efforts at our fundraising projects being turned into a better life for others.

If you would like to join this committee, please call Will Thompson, Chair of the Youth & Community Services Committee, at 238-8140.