What is a page 4?

Since the Club’s inception, the newsletter had been developed and sent out to members largely by mail. In 1993, the Club started to use the computers in the office to fax out the newsletter, and by 1997, 190 of the 250 members were receiving the bulletin by fax. The switch to the fax has saved the Club over $5,000 a year in postage.

In 1998 the Public Relations Committee had a look at the newsletter with an eye to improving it. The committee quickly recognised two things, first the large number of copies that were being faxed had made the colour cover redundant, and secondly the growing use of email opened up new options. By dropping the colour cover, the Club could save over $2,000 per year. The side benefit was that it opened up the option to use the 4th page for new content. Page 4 was born.

Page 4 is targeted at allowing more detailed articles about what is happening in the Club. Each committee is allocated at least one article per year, the President gets a quarterly message, and special Club events are allocated a little extra coverage for pictures. Page 4 articles should be about 400 words, and should be made available to the office by Tuesday of the week their are being published. Here is a tentative schedule for the year. Committee chairs should feel free to swap their time slots, or if any committee wants changes, please let the PR committee know.

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