What Does a Nickel Buy These Days?

A nickel (even at today’s devalued exchange!) is the cost of providing a lifetime supply of iodine to an individual. Without iodine, the human body is susceptible to a number of problems affecting both adults and children: abortion, stillbirth, cretinism, goiter, IQ reduction, impaired school performance, retarded physical development.

1.5 Billion people are at risk and, of these, 750 million are children. An additional 50 million children are born each year at risk to IDD. 100,000 of these are born as cretins. Lack of iodine in the diet, called Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) is the world’s leading cause of preventable mental retardation. Our bodies use iodine for proper physical and mental development. A person requires only a single teaspoon of iodine over an entire lifetime to avoid these health problems.

The simple solution to this deficiency lies in the iodization of salt, a solution that has been known and available for decades. The problem has been “Who will pay?” Who will pay? In 1994 Kiwanis International spoke out and said, “We will pay!” and joined forces with UNICEF to create our first worldwide service project to virtually eliminate IDD by the end of the century. Kiwanis Accomplishments In the spring of this year UNICEF, who monitors IDD funding reported that Kiwanis has * helped save more than 6 million children from IDD * contributed and pledged a total of $30.6 million * awarded $13.6 million in grants to 61 nations and areas to fight IDD.

We expect to virtually eliminate IDD by the end of the year 2000.

Club Accomplishments

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa pledged to contribute $50,000 to IDD over the project’s expected 5-year duration. To date we have delivered $40,000 of that pledge and we raised the money in a number of ways: * Personal pledges * A luncheon featuring Roger Moore (aka James Bond) * Sale of Corel Software products * Annual IDD Friday luncheons * Mile of Toonies

This year, the IDD Committee is aiming to raise most of the remaining $10,000 commitment wit the Mile of Toonies and the special luncheon. A single contribution of $40 by each member of our Club would completely cover this year’s commitment and we are asking members to consider making this donation.


For our WEB-enabled members, check these sites: Our Club’s own site at / and Kiwanis International’s site at http://www.kiwanis.org/worldwide_service_project.html.