We're Back - And We're Ready to Rumble!

Spring is here and we have started our spring training. That little weather-related setback earlier this week has not ruffled our feathers nor dampened (snowed) our spirits. Your duck team is enthusiastically preparing for our big day on May 13th. We must tell you though, that Coach Quacky is relentless. He puts us through our exercises and ignores our quacking over sore muscles and bruised egos. (You get out of shape pretty quackly when you spend the winter as a nest potato.) But we are working hard and getting duck-shape every day. We'll be ready! There's been a little competition going this year. Those rookie sensations, with their cool designer sunglasses, think they have us aging veterans over a barrel. Well, "the aging veterans" may have traded in our sunglasses for bifocals, but we still have a thing or two to teach those young drakes about winning a race. We're not ready for the bathtub yet!

This year we have a great team of agents in Rob McGruer and Chris Thompson. They are beating the bushes on our behalf to make sure that every one of us gets picked up by an independent sponsor and that all 100,000 of us make it out of the gate. No slouches these guys. Working with the great folks at CHEO, they have lined up an impressive team of corporate sponsors and dealers who are spreading the word around the region.

A 100,000 thank yous to all of the corporate sponsors and dealers who are in our corner this year. Without you, we wouldn't have a chance of showing off what we can do. And to all of our Kiwanis friends, we are glad to be back in the fold. As hard as we are training, we know that you are working twice as hard, volunteering your time to give us a chance to strut our stuff.

Duck Race 2000 is a special race for us and we want it to be the best ever for all our little ducklings at CHEO. So, please help us sell out this year. Buy a ticket for yourself and every member of your family. Take a book of tickets to sell to all of your friends, colleagues and neighbours. Better yet, get them to sell a book to their friends and colleagues. Take some time to help our Agents Rob and Chris spread the word. And don't forget to come out on May 13th and watch us in action.