Weekly Meeting - Yves Ducharme, Mayor of the City of Gatineau - "Amalgamation on Both Sides of the River"

Thank you to Solange Guberman, who arranged for Yves Ducharme, Mayor of the City of Gatineau, to speak to our club. It was also nice to be joined by His Worship Mayor Bob Chiarelli.

Mayor Ducharme noted that he and Mayor Chiarelli are good friends and 'joined at the hip', comparing the challenges they had pre-amalgamation. Both mayors of a new city, their meaningful cooperation followed on the most rapid development of inter-provincial links since the founding of their respective communities. With 40% of their workforce employed in Ottawa, as opposed to 5% of Ottawans working on the Quebec side, the traffic flow is only one indicator of the impressive growth in Gatineau, which is up 36% in 15 years, flowing directly from their proximity to Ottawa. He stressed that citizens must be allowed to participate more directly in the affairs of the municipal government, and they have sought to do this by associating more community representatives and developing a more open municipal democracy.

President’s Thought For The Week: If it weren’t for stress, I’d have no energy at all.

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