Weekly Meeting - U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins

U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, gave a gentle and humorous introduction to our club, noting how privileged he was to be addressing Kiwanis as the first service club since his time in Canada. In four months, he has visited almost all the provinces, as part of his plan to learn all he can about Canada, and service clubs are a great place to see what is happening with the people that contribute to the country. There will also be challenges and right now the current issues of BSE, hurricane relief, softwood lumber, 9.11, security passports, trade disputes, and more, are on the top of his list. He reiterated, "On behalf of President Bush and all Americans, we thank you all for your help", as he noted the strong friendship between Canada and the U.S. who both have legitimate concerns. He stressed that they will continue to do all they can to resolve the issues and we will work hand-in-hand on these shared responsibilities for both sides of the border. Both Canada and the U.S. realize how important our relationship is and his priority will be to keep this relationship strong.

President’s Thought For The Week: bumper sticker - "Honk If You Love Peace and Quiet"

LUNCHEON – Friday, November 4 , 2005, 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, ADAM ROOM There is something exciting coming your way! We will be making a presentation of a new fundraiser for ALL Members! This is an important meeting that will introduce you to an exciting initiative that promises to engage ALL members while raising much-needed community service funds. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS REQUESTED This is a Closed meeting, no guests please

On the Menu: Parmesan-crusted Filet of Sole, Fresh Vegetables, Potatoes, Cappuccino Mousse Cake

NO Head Table for November 4th - a different table set-up will be arranged, to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, and to share your ideas with the team at your table.

President's Rose - Lorne Usher (Happy Birthday Lorne!) cares about family and it shows! He is a strong supporter of membership recruitment and encourages others to learn about Kiwanis. He includes his own family in many of our events, and is often seen volunteering with his wife, Betty, at the Kiwanis Music Festival. He was very instrumental in educating our members on the need for organ donors in our community, and has contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to many of our projects.

Raffle Prize – Congratulations to Bob Horlick who won the raffle of an Executive Binder donated by Dawn Morewood; and to Mark Max who won the 2 tickets to the Salvation Army’s “IN CONCERT with the Canadian Staff Band” on Nov 5/05 donated by Major Max Bulmer. Thank you all for contributing, $ 166 was raised for our General Account.

Fine Session $ 41

Attendance, Friday October 28 Active - 74/131 (does not include 14 on Leave of Absence) Seniors - 17/63 Honorary and Guests - 37 Total 128

HAPPY DIWALI ..to PRESIDENT SAM BHARGAVA AND HIS FAMILY (and to Kanta Marwah and family and friends) History of Diwali - India is a land of festivals. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with fervor and gaiety. Deepavali is a festival where people from all age groups participate. They give expression to their happiness by lighting earthen 'diyas' (lamps), decorating the houses, bursting firecrackers and inviting near and dear ones to their households for partaking in a sumptuous feast. The lighting of lamps is a way of paying obeisance to god for attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, valor and fame. In 2005, it occurs on November 1, but Diwali is actually a five day festival, beginning on the 15th day of the Hindu calendar month of Kartika (Ashwin). Gifts are exchanged and festive meals are prepared during Diwali and the celebration means as much to Hindus as Christmas does to Christians. Diwali marks the beginning of the Hindu and Gujarati New Year and is celebrated with the lighting of lamps and candles — and lots of fireworks. It is the traditional time to replenish wardrobes with new clothes and exchange gifts (often clothes) and sweets with friends and neighbours.

The Kiwanis Club of Bytown invites EVERYONE to "On The Road Show" with Janet Carlile, on November 8 at the Ottawa Hunt Club. For a mere $20 per item and $22 for a buffet dinner, you can find out if Aunt Alice left you a treasure worth thousands! Join in and have fun, while raising funds for the Kiwanis Club of Bytown. RSVP to Darlene Wilson at 821-9357 or ddgn@rogers.com by November 2/05

CONGRATULATIONS to the Cadets from both the 211 Air Cadet Squadron and the 2784 Governor General's Foot Guards cadets, who raised over $5,000 in their Cadets Walk-A-Thon. Over a 2-week period the cadets raised pledges and 85 Cadets (ages 12-15) walked the 8KMS from Major Hill Park to the Aviation Museum. Thank you to the members of our club who supported this fundraiser.

Committee Meetings - No committee meetings this week

LUNCHEON Line-Up! Nov 11 Remembrance Day Meeting - Father Joe LeClair, Church of the Blessed Sacrament NOTE: WE ARE MOVING to the Delta Ottawa Hotel, 361 Queen Street, for 7 :30 a.m. BREAKFAST and will be joined by the Cadets Color Party

Nov 18 Luncheon Meeting relocated to Nov 17th Dinner. (see below) Nov 25 Robert Dyck, CEO of CODE Incorporated A TASTE OF LEBANON - Thursday, November 17th 6:00 pm The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Programme Committee invites you to enjoy an evening of fine dining with good friends. Make up a table of eight and experience Genuine Lebanese cooking, Authentic Arabic Belly Dancing and Entertainment. JOIN US at the St. Elias Centre, 750 Ridgewood Avenue (across from Mooney's Bay). Tickets are $40 each. Please RSVP to 248-2414 or reply to this email. (NOTE: If you are a Prepaid member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, you have already been billed $21 on your Oct-Dec quarterly luncheons invoice. If you attend the Lebanese Dinner, all you have to pay is the balance of $19 and you can instruct the office to charge your credit card)

Ontario Volunteer Service Award - Six members were nominated by last year’s Board of Directors in recognition of their many years of community service work, and were presented with an Ontario Volunteer Service Award at a ceremony last week. We were proud to recognize the following for their continued support of their community through Kiwanis: Tom Beveridge, Ken Birch, Lynda Campbell, Jim Durrell, David Fair, and Alan Smith.

MEMBERSHIP - Resignations - At the Board meeting of October 17th, the Board accepted the resignation of the following members: Frank Cauley, Paul Cook, Brian Dickey, John Law, Vic Reed, and Reverend George Sinclair

Santa is in town! If you are in need of a Santa for your home or office party, please contact Ken Miller at 226-6590. NOTE: All donations will be forwarded by Ken to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Foundation for our Cadets Committee.