Weekly Meeting - Turnover Day

Past President Ian Hendry highlighted some of the club accomplishments during his year as President and thanked everyone who helped to make his term a success. Ian was pleased to present his final President's Rose to John Callan with wishes for a good year.

Lt. Governor Keith Hall discharged the 1998-99 Board of Directors, presented Ron Wing with his Lt. Governor pin for 1999-00 and asked David Rapkins , President of the Kiwanis Club of Perth-on-Tay to present Ron with the Home Club Lt. Governor's banner to be displayed at our Friday meetings. Lt. Governor Ron Wing pinned President John Callan and charged him and the new Board of Directors and Chairpersons with their responsibilites. President John promised to continue to lead our club and presented his Mission Statement for 1999-00.

The Music Committee did a terrific job of giving Ian back to Lorraine, thanking the Board and welcoming John. They say it all so well! John, we pledge our unfailing support to you 100% and look forward to a great year!

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