Weekly Meeting - Turnover Day!

It was great to have a full house to show Thanks to Immediate Past President Peter Patafie and the Board of Directors for last year, and to Welcome President Peter Nadeau and the Board of Directors for 2009-10. There have been many challenges this year, which is similar to all service clubs, but we managed to continue our successful fundraising and our leadership is strong. Thank you to Past Lt. Governor Sam Bhargava, for assisting at our luncheon, and for discharging our 2008-09 President and Board of Directors, and thank you to Lt. Governor Firma French for inducting our new President and Board of Directors. Firma was very happy when we presented her with a stepstool that she can easily transport to all of her meetings!

IPP Peter Patafie presented his last President's Rose to President Peter Nadeau and promised to support him as our 92nd President. President Peter Nadeau joined our club in 1990, resigned in 2000 due to business pressures, and returned to our club in 2002. He spent many hours working on the Tv Auction, and has supported many of our committees. As the 92nd President of our Club, he reiterated the success of our long-term projects and encouraged all members to continue supporting our Club’s initiatives, get involved on your committees, and introduce Kiwanis to your business associates.

We were thrilled to be joined by 26 of 30 Past Presidents who were invited to join us for Turnover Day and to recognize Shirley Tomblin’s 80th birthday. A special birthday for a special lady, and it was great to share stories with the former members who were past presidents.

Thank you to Mark Max and the Music Committee for their musical presentation to both the outgoing and incoming President and Board of Directors. It always brings a smile to our face! Thank you to Jamie Johnson, who put together the video, capturing many of the fine moments over this past year. The collection of photos was presented to IPP Peter Patafie along with a booklet for display. (Remember to take pictures if you are at any Kiwanis event, to be included in next year's video! Attendance: 85 = 67 members, 18 guests.


The Rideau Street front entrance to the parking lot at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier will be closed until November. You can still enter the parking lot using the MacKenzie Street entrance on the east side of the building. This is accessible from Sussex Drive.

Friday, October 9 No Meeting Scheduled

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Day long weekend!

Next Kiwanis Luncheon

Friday, October 16, 2009 12:15 -1:45 p.m. Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau St, Ottawa, Drawing Room Cyril Leeder, President, Senators Sports & Entertainment (we will also be introducing the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club as a Corporate Member of our Club – welcoming Jim Orban Jr. and Bill Courchaine)

Luncheon Schedule 12:15 Head Table arrives 12:18 - 12:45 Lunch will be served 12:50 Introduction of Head table, guests 1:00 – 1:10 Club announcements, Raffle, Rose 1:15 – 1:40 Club Program 1:45 Adjournment

Happy Birthday to You! Oct 7 George Old / Oct 8 Shirley Tomblin / Oct 11 Alan Smith and Sharilyn Cyr / Oct 13 Ross McHardy / Oct 17 Dawn Morewood Kiwanis office is closed until Oct 13th as Rita will be on vacation this week.

Committee Meetings

Thu Oct 8 Corporate Membership 12:00 Chimo Hotel

Upcoming Luncheons

Fri Oct 23 Dr. Roseann Runte, President and Vice-Chancellor of Carleton University

Fri Oct 30 President’s Meeting – President Peter Nadeau - results of Members Survey

Fri Nov 6 Remembrance Day Luncheon – Speaker to be announced

Fri Nov 20 Senator Jim Munson, Ottawa – Rideau Canal

(Committees in this area under the leadership of VP Martin Diegel)

Camp Smitty - Another incredible camp weekend ! A quick note of thanks for Kiwanis Club of Ottawa (and 5 other regional Kiwanis clubs) for an excellent Saturday session up at Camp. We had 5 work groups who cleared all the grounds of any garbage, finished window frames, painted cabins, cleared away wood and construction areas, and such. We had 40 people going all day for a total of 280 hours of labour (approx $14,000 of value). We also found a few more supporters for other areas as well. Lt. Governors Sam Bhargava and Glenn Pushman were the leaders of this weekend – and a great weekend for all the Kiwanis and family volunteers!!! -scott Bradford. Thank You to the members of our Club who participated and who brought members of their family to help: Rick Barrigar, Lee Storm, Jan Mansfield, President Peter Nadeau, Mike Zanon, Scott Bradford, Kanta Marwah, Lt. Gov Sam Bhargava and his wife Uttra worked in the kitchen, Russ Salo.

** Come Celebrate! **

The Kiwanis Club of Hull is celebrating 50 years of Service to the Community, Saturday, October 24, 2009, 6:00 pm Where? École Secondaire Mont-Bleu 389, boulevard de la Cite des Jeunes, Gatineau What? 5-course Dinner / Show ‘Grande-RiviÈRe’ Stage Band who won a Double Gold Medal at the 2009 Kiwanis Music Festival Program At A Glance: - 6:00/7:00 p.m. – Cocktails – Members of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa will be staffing the cocktail bar - 7:00 p.m. - Dinner - 8:30 p.m. - a bit of business - 9:00 p.m. - Show time Cost $35.00 per person ( a real bargain !) For tickets – contact Robert Normand, Ddst, Committee Chair Tel: 819-771-0984 Cel: 819-743-6404 E-Mail: robnor@videotron.ca If you are interested in joining the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa table, please contact our office.

(Committees in this area under the leadership of VP Phil Rossy)

Community Services Committee

“Watch-it Shred-it” Day – October 24/09 At Christmas time each year our Kiwanis Club distributes food hampers to needy families in the Ottawa area. The baskets are paid for from donations from our members and from corporate donations. We buy the food from Food Basics at the Hampton Plaza who put the boxes together such that a family will have enough food for a week. Each hamper costs us about $75 -$100…..depending on the family size. Last year we distributed 60 hampers. We want you to participate in a fundraiser to help us purchase some additional hampers. Securit operates the Shred-it trucks that go on-site to businesses to shred old records, documents and tax filings. By being on-site one can watch the shredding occur to be assured that the material is destroyed. A minimum charge for this is about $135. Many of us have boxes at home of old files, income tax returns etc. that we would like to have destroyed but are too much for our personal shredders to handle. To solve this, on Saturday October 24 Shred-it will provide trucks at the Hampton Park Plaza for us to take boxes to be shredded. The Hampton Plaza is convenient as it intersects Carling and the Queensway. The Direct Assistance Committee will be working out all the details and more information will be forthcoming as the date as October 24 approaches but the current thinking is that we will charge $7 per box ( up to a Banker Box size) or a voucher can be purchased for 5 boxes at $25. Shred-it will be providing the trucks, the fuel (which is quite significant) and the employees overtime pay that day. Our task will be to not only take our files to be shredded but to spread the word to our families, friends and associates to keep the trucks busy. We will be notifying the other Kiwanis Clubs and Key Clubs to ask them to broadcast the initiative.

(Committees in this area under the leadership of President-Elect Peter Nadeau)

Communications Committee - Looking for Feedback on www.ottawakiwanis.org

When the web site first went live, Steven Harper was a Reform MP, Windows 95 was new technology, Twitter was what a bird did. In 2009 Prime Minister Steven Harper has a Facebook page, Windows 95 is almost stable, and Twitter is adding 10 million new users per month. Ottawakiwanis.org has grown from 7 pages in 1996 to 2,500, and serves about 1,000 visitors a week. Almost all of those visitors are from outside of the Club. What can we do with the site to make it more useful and relevant to members and the general public? We are looking to do a refresh on the site and are looking for ideas on content, functionality, and look and feel. On October 23rd, at 11:00, the Communications Committee will be holding a meeting before the luncheon to start the process. If you are interested please attend, or send your thoughts to jamie.johnson@ottawakiwanis.org

Jamie Johnson, Chair of Communications Committee