Weekly Meeting - Turnover Day

It was great to have a full house to show

Thanks to Immediate Past President Bill Gosewitz and the Board of Directors for last year, and to Welcome President Peter Patafie and the Board of Directors for 2008-09. Bill received a standing ovation for his leadership of our club in the past year. There have been many challenges this year, which is familiar to all service clubs in the past 5-10 years, but we managed to continue our successful fundraising and our leadership is strong. Thank you to Past Lt. Governor, Shirley Bradley, for assisting at our luncheon, in the absence of Lt. Governor David Daubney, and discharging our 2007-08 President and Board of Directors. IPP Bill’s swan song reflected on the accomplishments of all the members over the past year (see attached Swan Song) and he thanked everyone for their support.

Bill continued his new tradition… with the presentation to Past President Vince Calzonetti of a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey showcasing the name Calzonetti and the number 58, to the 58th president of our club. Another jersey was presented to Past President Barry Weatherdon, Chicago Bears #51 Weatherdon, for his term as the 51st President of our club.

Bill was proud to present his last President's Rose to President Peter Patafie and promised to support him as our 91st President. We welcomed President Peter Patafie, who was inducted, along with his new Board of Directors for 2008-09, by our new Lt. Governor, Sam Bhargava. Sam was presented with the Home Club banner for the Kiwanis International Lt. Governor of Division 12. Congratulations, Sam!

Peter has been a member of our club for 25 years and has worked with many of our projects. He thanked the members for helping him fulfill his dream and he is truly honored to be our 91st President. He reiterated the success of our programs and encouraged all members to continue supporting our Club’s initiatives, get involved, introduce Kiwanis to your friends, and to have fun. (Watch for President Peter Patafie’s welcome address in next week’s eDge.) Thank you to Dominic D’Arcy and the Music Committee for their musical presentation to both the outgoing and incoming President and Board of Directors. It always brings a smile to our face!

Thank you to Jamie Johnson, who put together a video with music, capturing many of the fine moments over this past year. The collection of photos will be presented to IPP Bill along with a booklet for display. For those of you who missed the video, you can see the photos at this link A summary of the the year's photos can be found here, and the year end video is below: http://www.youtube.com/v/Kxi7I7ICnT4src .(Remember to take pictures if you are at any Kiwanis event, to be included in next year's video!)  

Raffle Congratulations to Past Lt. Governors Ron Wing and Shirley Bradley who each won a copy of the “Pay It Forward” DVD, donated by Bill Gosewitz; to Vic Jones and Steve Georgopoulos, who each won the US elections paraphernalia donated by Jackie Holzman; and, to Lynda Campbell who won the cordless phone donated by Steve Tanner and Staples. Thank you to everyone who contributed… $105 was raised for our General Account.

President Peter’s Thought for the Week- The early bird may get the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese.

To our Jewish members celebrating Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) which begins at sundown on Monday September 29 and ends at nightfall on Wednesday October 1, “Shanah Tovah” (To a Good Year).

Next Kiwanis Luncheon

Friday, October 3, 2008 12:15-1:45 Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau St. Ottawa, Laurier Room ……. Join us for President Peter Patafie’s first meeting in the Chair…. Jim Watson, MPP, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, “Affordable housing – the need is now!

Luncheon Line-up Be Sure To Join Us and Invite A Guest….

Oct 10 7:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Breakfast at the Fairmont Chateau, Renaissance Room Guest Speaker, Reverend John Moor “Giving thanks for the little things in life”

Oct 17 Read-a-thon Luncheon – Keynote speaker, former Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, James Bartleman, “My 5  years as Lieutenant-Governor Expanding and mobilizing civil society in support of Aboriginal literacy in Canada”

Oct 24 Marina Neumat “Human Rights in Tehran” – she will speak about her personal experience of having been a political prisoner for 2 years.

Oct 31 Michael Geist , Professor and Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law University of Ottawa,“Why Copyright? The Fight for Canada’s Digital Future”

Committee Meetings

New Committee Chairs

Remember to inform the office of your meeting for October Mon Sep 29 - Cadets 7:00 pm Notre Dame High School Mon. Oct 6 - Interclub, Sports and Social – 6:00 p.m. Kiwanis office Wed. Oct 8 - Young Children’s Projects 12:00 Warren Gencher’s office, 2405A St. Laurent - Program 7:00 p.m. Helene Crabb’s home

Happy Birthday to You! Sep. 30 - Ted Parsons, Oct. 2 -Vic Jones, Oct. 4 -Neil McDonald, Oct. 8- Shirley Tomblin Oct 11 – Alan Smith

Interclub 4th Annual Mega Meeting - The Kiwanis Club of Nepean invites all members of clubs in Division 12 and 13 to come and listen to EC&C District Governor Sheron Cameron-Dunn “An Outlook on Kiwanis” followed by a Panel Discussion on Membership Growth, HIV/Aids Project and Marketing Kiwanis, with a question period. Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 11:30 a.m. - Meet & Greet / 12:00- 2:00 p.m. - Lunch Location: Banquet Hall, Building D, Algonquin College, 1385 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa, ON Door Prizes and 50/50 Draw Tickets: $23.00 each, includes lunch, free parking in back lots 8,9 and 12 Tickets available from LG Sam Bhargava, Div. 12, or Bob Garrow, Chair of our Interclub, Sports and Social Committee

President’s Bill Gosewitz’s Swan Song Turnover Day, Sept 26, 2008 Past Lt. Governor Shirley, Lt. Governor Designate Sam, fellow Kiwanians and Guests – Canadian song writer and chanteuse, Sarah McLachlan said it best in her song, I will remember you, will you remember me ? Don’t let your life pass you by, weep not for the memories……. 12 months ago – Past President Derek Finley and many others told me that my term as President would go by very fast. Frankly the first few months, I wondered what I had gotten myself into….but the past year has flown – It has been a great honour and privilege to serve this club.

I have laughed, cried and had a roller coaster of emotions – but I would not change one minute of my time in office. I was told that the members would rally around the President – and this was confirmed by the establishment of our $100,000 Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation and Dr. Kanta Marwah Scholarship in Medical Physics at Carleton University – we raised the money ….and I got a haircut.

The club needed to reduce expenses and we started this procedure. Some very difficult decisions were made and I am sure many more will be required, but the members supported the moves of myself and the board – for that I thank you all. Generally, the President thanks the committee chairs and board members listing their accomplishments – I will shorten the speech by saying thank you to the executive for your guidance and counsel. I could not have done without the sage advice of Past President Neil McDonald, Guy Bourbonniere, Harold Feder, Bob Fisher, and Incoming President Peter Patafie.

I also thank the board members –Bruno Di Chiara, Martin Diegel, Ross McIntyre, Dawn Morewood, Peter Nadeau, Barb Perrin, Phil Rossy, Alison Poirier, and Doug Wilson. Thanks to the Chairs and Committee members – for all your hard work and dedication. The success of this year was not due to my efforts – it was due to the efforts of the executive, the board, the chairs and our members… I was just a figurehead – with dreams and ideas - who showed up for lunch on Fridays….with or without hair….with or without Oreo cookies.

This year – the Bed Race hit new highs with Steve Moore and Scott Bradford. This fundraiser has a lot of potential – and since it’s on ice – I guess it’s a bit of a pun when I say….we have only scratched the surface.

Bon Appetit – was a success under the guidance of Bruno Di Chiara and Paul Drouin – again the potential is enormous.

Golf Tournament – was great even though we had to move it from mid august to late September – due to the Lpga event- under the guidance of Patrick McGarry. Solidly confirming he Is the last guy to let you down…

Direct Assistance – provided assistance to many of the needy in our community under the guidance of Neil McDonald. Camp Smitty –an event which I believe all new members should attend – was great fun in association with Allstream and Gary Flockton. The money we give to the community should be hi-lighted so members realize that we are Making A Difference.

Cadets – survived a roller coaster ride under the guidance of Guy Milne and Ken Miller – this committee deserves a medal for perseverance.

Circle K– thrived with Ian Hendry and Anthony McGlynn

Key Club –thrived with Guy Bourbonniere/ Ross McIntyre/ Tom Burnie and Grant Yusak

Aktion Club – 2 thriving clubs thanks to Harold Moore and Dave Trigger Medical Foundation – under the guidance of Peter Nadeau – was instrumental in assisting with my ‘Hair raising experience’.

And, who could forget Dr. Kanta Marwah who was instrumental in giving me the close shave…..thank you for your support and leadership

Young Children Projects – Ian Sterling – saw our Read-a-thon prosper with leadership from Lee Scott, along with Reading is Fundamental with Ross Hadwen.

Interclub Sports and Social – Kathleen Holst and Bob Vergette – had great ideas and brought them to fruition. Membership – Peter Charbonneau – brought new ideas – to try changes – we will have to continue to adjust – but change is better than stagnation.

Corporate membership and partnerships – Tom Pullen /Tom Beveridge/ Angela Cummings – thank you for following up and bringing new potential initiatives to the forefront. Programme – Helene Crabb – provided some great speakers – and we implemented the President’s Luncheons – which gave ‘budding speakers a chance to audition…..

Communications – Jamie Johnston – he seems to be everywhere you look….a definite star of the city.

Strategic Planning – Harold Feder/ Guy Bourbonniere / Peter Patafie and Doug Wilson – providing the direction for our board retreat – which helped foster ideas – pull the board together.

Project Development – Ken Nelson – a wizard who quietly goes about his business and constantly provides amazing results.

Jackie Holzman –as we all know is a very special lady – and has been a silent mentor for me. I did not accomplish all I wanted within the year – and I will tell you that the naming of a street in Ottawa for Kiwanis is still in progress – thanks to the diligent effort of Jackie and the co-operation of the Malhotra family and Claridge Developments. I am hoping this will come to fruition either later this year or early spring – we will have a street named Kiwanis Court.

And of Course – I could not have survived without the dedication of Rita Harper and Mike Kruger, and I thank them both for their hard work.

Past President Neil – as you step down from the board - I want to thank you for being a friend, a source of inspiration and a rock I could stand on and count on…at all times – You can tell Linda – I did my best to keep you from the house – but unfortunately I can no longer control your time…..

Last but not least – I would like to thank my wife, Joanne – for her understanding over the past few years. I was never home – and many times I would leave files at work – asking her to handle them as I had to go out to a Kiwanis meeting. I could not have put the effort into Kiwanis without her support.

In closing – I want to thank all the members for giving me the opportunity to be the 90th President of this great club – I can never fully repay you all for the thrill you provided to me.… Josh Groban likely said it best with .. “you raise me up so I can walk on mountains, you raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on your shoulders.. you raise me up to more than I can be….. History will determine whether the changes were good or bad – I will continue to provide ideas and dreams to be implemented or shot down…..but the joyous memories of this past year will remain in my heart forever.

Thank You. Yours in Kiwanis, Bill Gosewitz, 90th President 2007-08

(President Peter Patafie’s speech will be in the Oct 3rd eDGE)