Weekly Meeting - Turnover Day

Past President Ed Healey expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to his Board of Directors and Committee Chairs for their support and dedication during his year as President in 2000-2001, outlining many of their successes and achievements.

He gave special thanks to Richard Munro the new President for his support during the past year and wished Richard and the new Board success in 2001-2002.

He noted that the Club was hosting a special set of guests today -EC&C District Circle K Governor Dona Blake from Jamiaca, Circle K Lt Governor Heather Paleczay, Northern Lights Division, EC&C District, Distinguished Lt. Governor of Excellence Gordon Annis, Kiwanis International Growth Team Coordinator for EC&C District, Distinguished President Karen Annis District Administrator for K-Kids, Kathryn Ross and Danielle McNeil Carleton University Circle K and Julia DeSousa Ottawa University Circle K . EC&C Circle K Governor Dona Blake brought greetings to the Club.

A special video presentation, put together by Jamie Johnson on behalf of the PR committee, recapped the highlights from last year under President Ed Healey's leadership and was enjoyed by all. (9.8 Mb Quicktime file)

The gavel was passed. President Richard Munro welcomed the new Board of Directors and Committee Chairs outlining five priorities for the coming year: 1. Community Service - Developing an Annual Plan 2. Membership - A New Financial Model 3. Fundraising - Raising the Bar 4. Communication - Challenges 5. Regular Social Programs

Thought For The Day: It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will some day give shade to people he may never meet.

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