Weekly Meeting - Turn Over Day

September 29th luncheon - What a send off! Immediate Past President Sam Bhargava received a standing ovation for his leadership of our club in the past year. There have been many challenges this year, which has been familiar to all service clubs in the past 2-3 years, but we managed to continue our successful fundraising and our leadership is strong. His swan song reflected on the accomplishments of all the members over the past year (see attached) and he thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart.

He was proud to present his last President's Rose to President Neil McDonald and promised to support him as our 89th Club President. President-Elect Bill Gosewitz started a new tradition… with the presentation to Sam of an Ottawa 67's jersey showcasing the name BHARGAVA and the number 88, to the 88th president of our club. Great idea, Bill!

We welcomed President Neil McDonald, who was inducted, along with his new Board of Directors, by our new Lt. Governor, Shirley Ayers. Neil has been a member of our club for 16 years working with many of our projects, and most noteworthy was his contribution to our Youth & Community Services Committee. He thanked Distinguished Lt. Gov. Ron Wing for introducing him to the Club, and noted that he is truly honored to be our 89th President. He reiterated the success of our sponsored youth programs and encouraged all members to support these young people who look to us for guidance and leadership - "after all we are a service club". President Neil is ready to report for duty and to face all the challenges, together with your support.

Thank you to Mark Max and the Music Committee for their musical presentation to both the outgoing and incoming President and Board Of Directors. It always brings a smile to our face! Thank you to Jamie Johnson, who put together a video capturing many of the fine moments over this past year, with music. The collection of photos was presented to Sam along with a booklet for display. (Remember to take pictures if you are at any Kiwanis event, to be included in next year's video! The funnier the better!)

MEL OSBORNE - Congratulations to Past Lt. Governor Rick Barrigar who was awarded a Mel Osborne Fellowship by outgoing Lt. Governor Ron Coulson. Ron explained that this award is recognized as one of Kiwanis International's highest awards, and was presented to Rick for his work as Lt. Governor for the 2004-05 year for the Division with the highest growth. Congratulations, Rick Who would've thought about this when you started as a Key Club member at Fisher High years ago?!

President's Thought For the Week - The early bird catches the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese!

Raffle Prize Congratulations to Bruno DiChiara, who won the raffle of 2 tickets to see the Ottawa Senators vs. the Buffalo Sabres, donated by the Partners in Caring Committee and to Ross Hadwen, who won the raffle of a golf shirt, donated by Les Morin. Thank you all for contributing, $116.00 was raised for our General Account.

The Kiwanis eDGE Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Celebrating 88 Years of Community Service - Founded December 22, 1917 Division 12 of EC&C Eastern Canada and Caribbean District of Kiwanis International. “Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time” September 29, 2006

*** NEXT LUNCHEON MEETING: Friday October 13, 2006 12:30 – 2:00pm, Chateau Laurier, Adam Room

Friday October 6 Luncheon is cancelled, No Round Table

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! YOM KIPPUR - For our Jewish members celebrating Yom Kippur on October 2nd, "Have A Meaningful Fast"! Yom Kippur, "Day of Atonement," is probably the most important holiday of the Jewish year. Many Jews who do not observe any other Jewish custom will refrain from work, fast and/or attend synagogue services on this day.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS No Committee meetings this week.


Oct 6 - No Luncheon Meeting, No Round Table (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Oct 13 - To be announced

Oct 20 - "Candidates For Mayor" Luncheon - Bob Chiarelli, Alex Munter and Larry O’Brien Come and find out how the candidates plan to steer Ottawa towards a new way of growing

Oct 27 - Allison Fisher, Executive Director, Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Happy Birthday Sep.30 Ted Parsons Oct.2 Vic Jones Oct.3 Steven Gummo Oct.4 Neil McDonald Oct.5 Tom Assaly Oct.8 Shirley Tomblin Oct.11 Sharilyn Colletti & Alan Smith

ROSTER CHANGES - Please cut out these changes and glue them in your roster. This information will be in the new rosters which will be available end of October. WELCOME TO THE CLUB! 9/22 Bender, Robert (Bob) 2006 Financial Services TD Canada Trust 45 O'Connor St, 2nd fl. Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4 Spouse: Janine # 112 Hicks, Donna 1990-1994, 2006 Community Services Habitat For Humanity #1709-2370 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 4H9 #96

$ Membership Dues for 2006-07 Please note that the Membership Dues of $330 for our new Kiwanis year 2006-07, will be billed the first week of October 2006. Invoices will be mailed out to all Active and Senior members, and credit cards will be charged for those members who have given us permission to charge their card. If you are currently getting an invoice, and would like the Dues to be charged to your credit card, please call Mike Kruger at 233-1900. Thank you!

Gary Flockton, Honorary Treasurer for 2006-07. Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation (MSMF), if you are interested in more information on MSMF, as presented to you by our guest speaker Dr. Sankurathri on Sept 22nd, you can visit their website at www.msmf.ca. To make a donation please make your cheque payable to MSMF and mail it to MSMF, 23 Mary Drive, Gloucester, ON, K1V 1G9. MSMF is a registered charity in Canada, and donations qualify for tax credits. Their charity registration number is 89002 4995 RR0001.

Resignations: At the Board meeting of September 18, 2006, the resignations of the following were approved: Suzanne Cyr, Peter Blais, Botho von Hampeln (transfer to Perth), Murray McKeage, Ana Nesic, Barry Nicholds, John Norton & Mike St. Louis.

*** THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF HELPING HANDS' *** - over $37,000 collected with more pledged!

CHANGE OF LOCATION FOR HELPING HANDS WALK AND PICNIC to ARBORETUM NEAR DOWS LAKE PAVILLON The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Cordially Invites You and Your Family to Come and Celebrate Our Helping Hands Walk & Picnic. Walk Guided by The Phytness Centre WE LEAVE AT 10:00 am FROM DOW ' S LAKE PAVILION Saturday, October 14 10:00am to 12:00pm PICNIC to follow Please RSVP by October 11 to Rita Harper at 613-233-1900 or by EMAIL at ritaharper@ottawakiwanis.org

THANKS KIWANIS! "With the 2006 summer camp season now over I wanted to once again thank you for your corporate donation to Christie Lake Kids. Your gift helped to ensure that 384 children experienced the joy of camp and the opportunity to develop new skills. I wanted to provide you with a copy of our recognition advertisement, which was sponsored by the Ottawa Citizen and was in the paper on Friday, September 15, 2006. We were pleased to include the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa as one of our community donors who supports our camp program. It is through the strong support of community leaders, organizations and corporations, such as the Kiwanis Club of ottawa, that Christie Lake Kids is able to provide skill building and life-changing programs to children and youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Thank you once again for your support.” Janice Barresi Executive Director

Leave A Legacy – Make A Difference Sponsor a Member”

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa – Sam Bhargava, 88th President’s Farewell Message

Executive Director Fellow Kiwanians and Guests - I want to tell you how thrilled I am to see all of you. It has indeed been an honour for me to have had the privilege of serving this great club. You have all taught me a great deal. Challenges yes; heartache yes; but being there with all of you made it one of the best times of my life. Unforgettable people, unforgettable events. I have enjoyed attending, and often speaking, at dozens of events in the City as your ambassador. Now, when I say the word EVENTS, my thoughts turn to my wife Uttra. Shrinks will tell you that going out helps your relationship. I usually go out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Uttra goes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All kidding aside, thanks for the great memories.

Our challenges are complex. It will always be this way. As an immigrant, I know that as long as we believe in ourselves the future will always be ours. One of the defining Kiwanis International statements is: One can make a difference. It doesn’t matter who you are. When your potential is pointed in the right direction, and talents released, it can lead you anywhere. There is no limit to human imagination and that is what inspires us. Let me give you some examples closer to home.

Bettina Choo, a 22-year old student at Ottawa U and President of their Kiwanis Circle K Club, started teaching piano to underprivileged children. Within a year, she developed a program with 30 volunteers in 10 schools and 200 young students to teach.

One Can Make a Difference Kiwanian Ken Nelson, Chair of the Project Development Committee is a doer and would never want me to mention his name. Ken secured $85,000 in funding almost single-handedly by approaching charitable foundations. One Can Make a Difference. The past 2 to 3 years have been most demanding for service clubs globally and locally. I believe the challenges and discontinuities will be with us in the future. It will be useful to share how your Board has been dealing with this environment. We have always promoted practical ideas and policies appropriate for this time and environment, always putting our members first and always focusing on the future. We have reengineered our organization and doubled our efforts to promote growth.

We have a sound and up-to-date Strategic Plan that serves as our broad road map to move forward. We would like to encourage all members to take ownership of the club. Following are a few of our accomplishments this past year: We reduced the number of committees to optimize the operation by a third, with generally successful results. Relocated the Kiwanis office to a more user-friendly location that will also result in $7,000 savings per year. When better is possible, then good is not good enough. Together with staff, we fine-tuned the job responsibilities in the Kiwanis office to be more aligned with the club priorities and to use their hidden talents. Streamlining, significant cost reduction and some fundraising, was possible by the staff. With realignment of priorities Rita was able to recruit 5 new members.

Our Friday luncheons have been a definitive “high” for me each week, with dynamic speakers and entertainment. How often do you see a cook introducing a baker? Kiwanian Eddy Cook introduced the Israeli Ambassador Mr. Baker, at a Friday luncheon last spring. Our member recruitment drive was successful but a loss of members in senior category was a setback. I am very proud of the new corporate membership initiative. We have already inducted 3 corporate members recently from Algonquin College Bob Gillet, Kent MacDonald, and a former Kiwanian, Pat Kelly. We have made a modest beginning in attracting visible minorities to our club. The Taste of Lebanon dinner and the Chinese New Year celebration, were great initiatives to engage the minorities.

This year was an exceptional year, in our sponsored youth programs —what an investment we are making to approximately 700 youth in; Air Cadets and GGFG Cadets, usually #1 or #2 in Ontario; 2 Circle K Clubs in Universities and 4 High School Key Clubs, both hosting District Conventions in Ottawa this year; and our 2 AKtion clubs with 200 members.

Read-a-thon appears to have reached a critical mass for a big expansion, with 72 schools participating in Ottawa and abroad this year. Our Reading Is Fundamental program continues strong at Connaught, and our Videos continue to be distributed. Youth and Community Service is the heart of our club.

In addition to providing funding to assist hundreds of individuals through difficult times, the committee served thousands of citizens at the Mayors Breakfast, Seniors Christmas Dinner, and the Seniors Tea. Many of their initiatives are self funding.

To date, we have contributed in-kind help of approximately $50,000 to the Boys and Girls Club at Camp Smitty, and have a great time on that weekend. A unique prerequisite to our fundraising is to have fun doing it.

We are pretty good at having fun at our Charity Golf Tournament, the Ottawa Senators Partners-In-Caring event, the Bed Race and the Bon Appetit Silent Auction, which are our traditional fundraisers and doing better or equal to previous years.

Helping Hands is a brand new initiative and has done reasonably well for its first year, having raised almost $40,000 without much risk or cost, thanks to the pioneering personal efforts and leadership of the Chair Kathleen Holst. This is being fine-tuned for even better performance next year, under the leadership of Paul Drouin – a new member. I am blessed with a strong and hard working Board of Directors, honorary treasurer and secretary.

Board has been restructured for driving changes in our Club. Apart from their traditional role they have been very busy and productive in leading new initiatives for the club. Some examples Office Committee to streamline office operations and to find a new location. Finance Committee to review our club’s accounting process and cost cutting. Bylaws Committee led by Director Peter Nadeau. After many months of meetings and consulting, he has submitted the final draft to the board. Bylaws are being revised after 16 years. The entire election process and numbers have been evaluated. Business Planning and Strategic Issues under Harold Feder has shed light on some complex club issues.

Director Dawn Morewood, with the help of the office, is building a basic database for volunteer management. Volunteer time is precious and scarce. Coordinating volunteers is an area that needs as much attention as Fundraising.

I felt particularly proud of organizing the Big Clubs Meeting at the Kiwanis International Convention in Montreal, where more than 100 Presidents and Club Executives attended our meeting. Big club issues are unique. We have laid the foundation to create a database of successful projects and fundraisers, and an electronic forum will be created to share information and ideas worldwide with the Big Clubs. Our club is highly regarded, for our high standards and achievements, by our peers worldwide.

Credit goes to all of you and to our predecessors, who have made the effort and deserve the honors I would like to acknowledge the hard work of our office staff, Rita Harper and Mike Kruger. I have greatly benefited from their training and I think I passed the year. I’m sure they are ready to start training on President-Designate Neil.

I am particularly thankful to my Executive Committee for advice and action. Peter Patafie, Neil McDonald, Bill Gosewitz, Derek Finley, Jamie Johnson, and Jane Flain. We often met at 7 a.m. at Peter Patafie’s office. Peter should improve his coffee making skills.

My special thanks to Immediate Past President Derek for our late afternoon conversations on club issues. His support and sound advice has been amazing all year. I would like to assure President Neil McDonald that I will be equally supportive in the next very interesting 12 months. The club is left in grand hands and I am very confident of leadership capabilities of soon-to-be President Neil. Our Club’s best days lie ahead.

I have given some thought to the question o `What will I do with my time after stepping down as President?` My time of Presidency is almost up but my days of service , I hope not. Also I have a permanent job of being Grandparent and parent. My wife Uttra and I will go out more often TOGETHER From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every member of this great club for the opportunity to serve as your 88th President. God bless our club. Sam Bhargava 88th President Kiwanis Club of Ottawa