Weekly Meeting - The Kiwanis Music Festival

Kit Dinning, Chair of the Board of the Kiwanis Music Festival explained that this year's Festival saw 10,000 competitors in 9 different venues over a 4-week period. He thanked Barb Perrin, Shirley Tomblin, and Ross Hadwen, for all that they did to ensure the event went smoothly with the hundreds of hours of volunteer time needed.

And this year, for the first time ever, they had an afternoon performance of the Highlights Concert for a Seniors group which was another success, thanks to Sandra Presley. The 60-piece band from Ecole Elementaire Publique le Prelude in Orleans received 2 standing ovations from the members of our club. No wonder they were the winners, for 2 years in a row, for Best Band Performance during the Kiwanis Music Festival. They were fantastic! Many of these students had never played an instrument before 2 years ago and some of the parents raved about how proud they were to be playing in the Chateau Laurier Ballroom.

Kit explained that this is what happens when you have a very special coach and music teacher, Michel Rochon, as well as an understanding school principal, Carole Bureau.

Thought for the week: As we get older, the first thing we forget is names, then faces, then we forget to pull up our zipper, then we forget to pull it down.

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