Weekly Meeting - Strategic Planning Meeting

As Past President Marcia Saipe stated, and was certainly echoed throughout the room, Jamie Johnson's delivery of the Strategic Planning Committee's plan, was one of the finest presentation made to the Club.

Jamie stated that the Committee had spent 75+ hours to get to the point where a plan could be presented to the Board, then the Membership. The plan includes a new Vision, strategic goals, directions, and tactics, for each of Operations, Community Service and Fundraising. The presentation which will be repeated on Monday, June 16 at the Lord Elgin.

Feedback is now requested. (A special edition of the eDGE will be distributed with the details of the presentation and the feedback request). The presentation slides and a feedback sheet are attached. - spPresentation2003-06-13.pdf - 2003-06-13Feedback.pdf

President's Thought for the week: I’ve been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog.

- eDGE2003-06-13.pdf