Weekly Meeting - St. Patrick's Day Luncheon - John Davis on the Euro

Paul Davis spoke on some of the important dates surrounding the Euro - the official currency of 11 countries in the European Monetary Union - which will be introduced January 1, 2002., and how the ex-change will be handled by different countries. He also pointed out that as of January 1, 2000, Finland will abolish all currency denominated in Finmarks, and replace it with electronic transactions only. We should be proud to be the first ones to see the new coins. However, three sheets with the coins attached were taken from the luncheon and must be returned to Ted Parsons as soon as possible.

Thank you to the 2 Irish Dancers from the Dougherty/Scanlin Irish Dancers and to the Music/Entertainment Committee who once again proved to have hidden talents as they provided some uplifting entertainment. It is always a pleasure to sing along.

- Newsletter 99 Mar 12.pdf