Weekly Meeting - Shaughnessy,Ken Nelson & Jack Warner - Security - To Serve and Protect

A special treat for those in attendance while our speaking trio of Kiwanian members addressed the audience on the issue of personal and business security.

Ken discussed the issue of risk; risk is assessed by two components - what is the probability of occurance and what is the severity of the consequences if the occurance takes place.What can you do? Assess the risk, elevate or mutualize the risk to another department, make changes within your operational structure to reduce risk, or control the consequences by having a contingency plan.

Jack followed with the physical security risks in businesses and homes. Covert hidden cameras still remains the main security tool, however you can now connect digital cameras so you can connect with your lap top anywhere and view what's happening back at your home or place of business! Card access tools is another up and coming security system to reduce the reliance on keys. There are more choices now, finger print, voice recognition to name but two.

Mike finished off with identifying that over 93% of homes in Ottawa do not have a security system. It is a great deterrent and the costs vary depending on your selection and options. Insurance companies do provide 10-15% discounts to those who have a security system installed. You can manage your risk now, or pay the price later. Some food for thought for sure!

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