Weekly Meeting - Semi-Annual General Meeting, All members are encouraged to attend, No guests please

At the Semi-annual general meeting President-Designate Peter Nadeau continued the discussion initiated the week before on the results of the Members Survey. The discussion focused mainly on the communication issues within the club and with the community, and brought interesting remarks from the members present. Everyone seemed to agree that building and nurturing relationships was the most important factor in helping the club remain strong, and that the flow of information is essential to give a sense of belonging and to insure sustained involvement. Peter stressed the need to explore new approaches to communication and networking in order to engage younger people. Tom Pullen added that we also need to recommit many of the long-time members. Howard Whittaker proposed that we look at a major Centennial project that could rally everyone and involve the community at large. Attendance: 46 Members

Next Kiwanis Meeting Friday, June 19, 2009 Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau St, Ottawa, MacDonald Room – upstairs 12:15 -1:45 p.m.

Legion of Honour

The success of Kiwanis International is largely due to the earnest, effective, and active service of thousands of Kiwanians, many of whom attain more than 25 years of membership. The Legion of Honour of Kiwanis International, was created to extend a token of appreciation to these Kiwanians, recognizing members with 25 or more years, in 5-year increments. We consider it a privilege that we recognize the following: 1. Matt McGrath 35 years 7. Lt. Governor Sam Bhargava, Chair of Program 2. Con Stoltz 35 years 8. Bruno Di Chiara, Invocation 3. Vic Whittaker 35 years 9. Barry Weatherdon, Thanker 4. Don Keyes 30 years 10. David Costford 25 years 5. Bob Littlemore 30 years 11. Michel Podeszfinski 25 years 6. President-Designate Peter Nadeau 12. Ken Miller 25 years We will also be recognizing the late Ken Birch, who reached his 25-year Anniversary in 2008. His wife, Liane, will be accepting the Legion of Honor certificate on his behalf. All former Legion of Honour recipients – of which there are 30 – will also be recognized for their contribution to Kiwanis.

Luncheon Agenda 12:15 Head Table walks in 12:16 - 12:45 Lunch is served 12:45 Head Table introductions Guests introductions, Welcome Song, Club announcements, Fines 1:15 Legion of Honour Presentation by Lt. Governor Sam Bhargava 1:45 Adjournment Guests Welcome! Come out to show your support and to thank these members for their service! If you are bringing a Guest, please inform the office at ritaharper@ottawakiwanis.org

On the Menu: Grilled Tandori Chicken Breast, Potatoes, Vegetables, Seasonal Berry Flan