Weekly Meeting - Semi-Annual Business Meeting

President Ed gave an update on the current status of the club and the successes to date including the $45,000 raised from the Nokia Brier, the $12,5000 we have contributed to the worldwide project to eliminate IDD, and the $12,000 we have contributed to the Candlelighters.

President-Designate Richard presented the new Strategic Plan 2001-2004, a document which looks forward into the future with a positive and constructive attitude. Thank you to the facilitators at each core area and to the scribes who took the notes as the ideas bounced off each other. This was a great brainstorming session by the members who attended and some good ideas have come forth. We should do this more often! Jamie Johnson has volunteered to consolidate all the notes and have a list of ideas available on the website. Once the ideas are put in order a list will also be available from the Kiwanis office.

Thought For The Week from President Ed: The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom

- eDGE2001-05-15.pdf

- Strategic Planning Ideas3.pdf