Weekly Meeting - Sandra Clarke from the ACT foundation - CPR

Weekly meeting held at the Chateau Laurier at 12:30pm.

Dr. Justin Maloney spoke on the ACT Foundation's CPR Program and thanked our club for providing $50,000 in funding for mannequins in 1994. Since then, 40,000 high school students have learned CPR. Sandra Clarke reiterated the need for these young students to be trained and was grateful for the overwhelming success of the students and introduced us to Kasia Smetny. Kasia was 16 years old when she saved the life of 60 year old NicK Weatherston with her CPR training. As Kasia says, she was just doing what anyone would have done if they were trained in CPR. She is very grateful for the training she has had and is very proud to have been able to help.

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