Weekly Meeting - Salvation Army Red Shield Kick Off

This luncheon was held at the Ottawa Congress Centre and was truely a great success for the club. The Salvation Army gave their annual Army report focusing on their community service, the homeless, and youth. The No-Bell Award was presented to the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Gloucester for raising over $1800 in a mere two days for the Christmas Kettle Appeal.

Our guest speaker, Minister John Baird, spoke about the challenges that the community as a whole and government are facing towards youth programs. Some interesting initiatives were introduced including a praise to the club for creating such a great video as Precious Minds http://www.preciousminds.org. Minister Baird ended his speech with a cheque presentation to the club for $66,075.00 

Thought of the Week If at first you dont succeed..... Skydiving is not for YOU!

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