Weekly Meeting -Roy Mlakar – The Challenges of Running a Small Market Sports Team

Roy Mlakar, President and Chief Executive Officer, spoke candidly about his 11 years with the Ottawa Senators, quoting, as he often does, “It’s not half empty; it’s half full!” With pride, he spoke of Roger’s House and encouraged everyone to take a walk through the House and see what Roger Neilson did for hockey. Roy stressed that he has no regrets – even with his 4 grown children in California – and he loves it more every day and is thankful for the opportunity to work with the Senators. He loves the challenge of getting 20,000 seats sold for the games and he loves the thrill of working towards the Stanley Cup! He loves the hockey spirit in Ottawa – the competition and the fun!

President Neil’s Thought For the Week: Volunteer work is the rent you pay for living in a community.

One Can Make a Difference – President’s Rose

Ever since Clive Woolley joined our club in 1994 he has made a difference. The Annual Charity Golf Tournament, an idea which he personally brought to the attention of our club, successfully raises up to $65,000 per year and continues to grow. In 1999, Clive was the Chair of the Jim Durrell Roast Committee and $29,000 was contributed to the Canadian Special Olympics. As Chair of the Partners in Caring Committee and with the help of club ticket sellers, contributions of $15,000 have been made to the Ottawa Boys & Girls Club, Ronald McDonald House, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, and to our own Young Children Priority One Literacy Projects. He is an “organizer extraordinaire” and we know we can count on Clive to “Make a Difference”.

Raffle Prize Congratulations to our guest Rodney Capstick and Mike Zanon, who each won the raffle of a $25 gift certificate for Sensations donated by Clive Woolley, and, to Ron Wing, who won the raffle of a golf shoe bag donated by Tom Pullen. Thank you all for contributing, $142.00 was raised for our General Account.

Fine Session $10.75

Did You Know??? In 1948, John Wilkinson (Kent Wilkinson’s father) invited the Boston Bruins Hockey Team to come to Ottawa and play a benefit game against the Ottawa Senators. The game was held at the old Auditorium with a full house and $964 was raised for the club’s Welfare Account; of this amount, $250 was donated that night to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The club paid the Boston Bruins $1019. to come to Ottawa – wonder what they would charge us today?

Next Luncheon Meeting

Friday October 20, 2006, 12:30 – 2:00pm, Chateau Laurier, Adam Room "Candidates For Mayor" Luncheon Mayor Bob Chiarelli, Alex Munter and Larry O’Brien The City of Ottawa will be going to the polls on November 13. Come and find out how the candidates plan to steer Ottawa towards a new way of growing. Sharon Gill - Moderator

On the menu: Pepper Roasted Alberta Sirloin with Portobello Mushroom Sauce, Potatoes & Vegetables, Pumpkin Pie

Luncheon Line-Up

Oct 27 Allison Fisher, Executive Director, Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, “ The Sacred Gift - the Children” The real story of residential schools, The “Woman of Wabano” will also sing for us

Nov 3 David Atkinson, President and Vice-Chancellor of Carleton University

Nov 10 Remembrance Day Luncheon - Veterans are asked to join us to be recognized. Our Cadets will be performing and we will hear from Past President Lorne Smith

Nov 17 Vince Bevan, Ottawa Police Chief

Nov 24 Al Hatton, President of the United Way of Canada / Centraide Canada

Dec 1 General Rick Hillier, Chief of Defence Staff, Canadian Armed Forces

Dec 8 Kiwanis International President, Nelson Tucker – his official visit to Ottawa

Dec 15 No Meeting (see December 17)

Dec 17 (Sunday 12:00 - 2:00) Family Christmas Party – Bring your family, your friends, your children or your grandchildren!

Committee Meetings

Mon.Oct.16 Board of Directors, 5:30pm, Kiwanis office Tue.Oct.17 Bed Race, 12:00pm, Apollo Management Wed.Oct.18 Circle K, 12:00pm, Ian Hendry’s office Community Services, 12:00pm, Rideau Place on the River Medical Foundation, 7:00pm, Dominic Ferrarotto’s office Membership, 7:00pm, Kiwanis office Mon.Oct.23 Cadets, 7:00pm, Notre Dame High School

Happy Birthday Oct.13 Ross McHardy Oct.14 Bill Whillans Oct.17 Dawn Morewood

Sympathy of the Club

Sympathy of the Club goes out to Peter Patafie and his wife, Mavourneen, in memory of Mavourneen’s mother, Patricia Franey, who passed away at the age of 85. Funeral services were held on Saturday, October 7. Our thoughts go out to Peter and Mavourneen at this time.

Sympathy of the Club also goes out to Wayne French in memory of his older brother, Lee French, who passed away last week at the age of 63. Memorial services were held this past weekend. Our thoughts are with Wayne and his family at this time.

Roster Update New job coordinates for Angela Cummings Foundation Coordinator Healthy Generations, Canadian Paediatric Society 2305 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8 613-526-9397 x 264 Fax 613-526-3332 angelac@cps.ca Gary Flockton Business phone is 613-688-8522 Fax 613-688-4533 Rick Barrigar Remove Business affiliation. Rick can be contacted on his cell at 613-724-9277 or eMail: c/o marygagnon@sympatico.ca

Read-a-thon News

Below is a heartfelt thank you to Kiwanis from a social worker at Britannia Community House who held a summer Read-a-thon.

"I want to thank you so so much and also Ms. McCurdy for visiting our children at the Britannia Woods Community House. The children talked and chatted amongst one another all summer about this visit. Some of the children are still to this day, wearing their Public Library ball caps you kindly donated. The Read-A-Thon, was a great success at the Britannia Woods Community House. With help and motivation, the children were enjoying their free reading time everyday of the summer. Along with the Read-A-Thon, we did weekly visits to the Public Library and the children had a very large selection of books to read. We had ages 6 to 12 participating in the Read-A-Thon event. From sharing books to partner reading, it was great to see the children’s team-working skills. The children and the staff at the community house are very thankful for what you have done for us. Attached, you will find pictures that were taken on the Authors Visit Day!! Please pass them on to Ms. McCurdy and also if you can, please give her a great big thanks from all of us at the Community House”.

Sincerely, Pascalle Lavigne

Halloween with Kiwanis Club of Orleans Kiwanis Club of Orleans – SKREAMERS Located in an old barn at Proulx Farm on O’Toole Road just east of Trim Road , the Kiwanis Club of Orleans and volunteers are preparing a wagon load of surprises and hair-raising attractions. Be afraid – Be very afraid. This site is dark and scary and sometimes gruesome and is not recommended for children under 10 years of age. Open 6-9pm every Thursday to Sunday in October with two especially scary evenings on Monday, October 30 & Halloween night. Free on-site parking and tickets are only $10.00. Proceeds from the event will go to support the Kiwanis Adventure Playground, Ottawa’s largest playground, located in Millennium Park just south of Innes off Trim Road.

Operations Committee Report - President-Elect Bill Gosewitz

Another year begins. ‘One Can Make a Difference’ – perhaps we should add ‘but you need to get involved’. This year I have the pleasure of working with the Office, Membership, Communications and Program/Interclub-social /Music/ committees. It should prove to be an exciting year – but we need YOUR support. Membership – Under the guidance of Tom Pullen and Angela Cummings, the committee is looking to accomplish a great deal. -engage the existing membership -attract 30 new members and corporate memberships -solidify and attract corporate partnerships -mentoring program for new members. Interclub and Social –there will be many possibilities to visit and meet other Kiwanians at different clubs – lets have fun – get involved – One Can Make a Difference.

Kiwanis Office – we will continue to monitor the office expenses and have the staff working to make our experience at the club – fun. I am hoping to revisit and revise the lunch costs for Kiwanians and guests.

Communications Committee – Jamie Johnson has some great ideas and I am excited that he is taking the helm – we will be seeing some great products coming – keep your eyes open.

Program Committee – Lynda Campbell has some great speakers lined up (see above)…looks great! I am open to your ideas and comments – remember this is your club – you are here to meet people, have fun and give back to the community.

Your thoughts are always welcome –do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts. One Can Make a Difference…but together we can change the world… Pay it forward – you never know how you can change a person’s life with one small action.

Send me an email anytime to - bill@e-canadianmortgages.com