Weekly Meeting - Rosemary Thompson - Deputy Ottawa Bureau Chief

Rosemary Thompson was pleased to step in for Mike Duffy, who was unable to attend our luncheon. Rosemary spoke of her wonderful career which has provided her with opportunities to witness and report on some spectacular events.  One of her best stories was on the Dionne quintuplets as she spent a lot of time with the surviving sisters and got to know them well. She has been through 6 political campaigns and has often “been at the right place at the right time”.  For the young people who were in our audience, she stressed to them to ‘get involved’ as they are  the future leaders.

President’s Rose – Alison Poirier and Gary Flockton, Chair and Vice-Chair of this year’s Bed Race Committee, are walking proud this week – especially since they have both been with our Club for less than 3 years! The Bedzzz Race was held on a sunny winter day at Dow’s Lake with 40 teams participating, and with the help of our Corporate Sponsors, members’ pledges, and the assistance of many volunteers, the Race brought in a little over $45,000, and raised awareness of Kiwanis in our community.   

President’s Thought for the Week:   Life not only begins at 40,  it also starts to show.

Attendance:  Active 52/116*  (*does not include 13 on LOA) Seniors 7 /55 Guests 3 Hon/Staff 19 Total 81

Raffle Prize: Congratulations to Victor Hanna, who won the raffle of a sports bag donated by Mark Max, and to Russ Salo (guest of Peter Patafie) who won the raffle of a bottle of wine donated by President Sam.Thank you all for contributing, $82 was raised for our General Account.

Fine Session $20

Next Club Meeting:   Jim Nicol, MRI Plus Jim and his partners are opening a private MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) clinic in Gatineau, Quebec. The combination of MRI technology, and highly skilled radiologists directed toward the diagnosis of disease, presented a challenge they could not resist. The MRI machine was installed on February 20th and the clinic will open for patients in March.

If you are bringing a guest, click here to inform the office: mailto:ritaharper@ottawakiwanis.org

On the menu:    Grilled Chicken Breast, Vegetables and Potatoes, Crème Caramel

Head Table, February 24th 1. David Kardish 2. Wayne Beaudoin 3. Jim Nicol, Guest speaker 4. Director Dawn Morewood 5. Rev. Harold Johnson , Invocation 6. Ross McHardy, Thanker 7. Max Kilongozi, new member 8. Roberta Driscoll, guest book

Happy Birthday to You! Feb 17 Derek Finley Feb 19 Jackie Holzman and Keith McGruer Feb 22 President Sam Bhargava who has chosen to celebrate in California, returning on 26th. He will be accessing email through his Blackberry)

Committee Meetings Wed. Feb 22 Medical 7:00pm Dominic Ferrarotto’s office, 409 Industrial Ave. Mon. Feb 27 Cadets 7:00 pm Notre Dame High School LUNCHEON Line-Up Mar 3 Scott Taylor, Esprit de Corps Magazine Mar 10 to be confirmed Mar 17 St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon, Joan Finnigan, Storyteller

Kiwanis Conventions Open to all members: April 7-9, 2006 Eastern Canada Key Club Convention, Crown Plaza Hotel.

June 28 - July 2, 2006 91st Annual Kiwanis International Convention, Montreal QC

August 3-5, 2006 89th Annual Kiwanis EC&C District Convention, St. John’s NFLD

May 11, 2006 EC&C AKtion Club Conference, Casa Loma Castle, Toronto, ON

Honorary Secretary - Congratulations to Jamie Johnson, who has been appointed as our Honorary Secretary on the Board of Directors, for the current year 2005-06. We thank Solange Guberman for her contribution to the Board, however, her career changes have required her to step down from this position.

Mark your calendars! The 6th Annual Nepean Spaghetti dinner will be held on Thursday, March 2, 2006 at 5:30 pm. The guest speaker will be our own Jackie Holzman and I know that all members will want to support Jackie at this event. Tickets will be $10 advance and $11 at the door for adults and $6 and $7 for students and children. Not bad for an all you can eat dinner to feed the kids! Thanks, Buck Madden 724-6770.

CAN YOU PLAY HOCKEY ??? “We are holding a hockey game scheduled for April 7, 2006 between 4:00 -6:00 p.m. at the Jim Durrell Arena, Peplinski ice pad. All levels of ability and experience are encouraged to come out and play, but full equipment is required. The ice cost will be about $20 per person depending on the numbers. After the game, we will gather at Local Heroes on Bank, to relive the moments of glory. Fans are welcome.” For more information or to sign-up to play, please contact Harold Feder at 237-4000 or email  hfeder@brazeauseller.com or Patrick McGarry at 233-1143 or Patrick@mcgarryfamily.ca

Senior Citizens Programs: Most people have a vision of growing old with someone they love; however, our age is something we truly take for granted.  After about the age of 30, we stopped counting each year and refused to acknowledge we were getting older.  The years passed, sometimes slowly and others too quickly. We all have these glory thoughts of retirement and all the things we will do and the time we will have but we don’t realize that it can also be a very lonely time.  We never really think about what it will be like when we get older; our children move away and have their own lives to live; and our friends aren’t always around; our husband or wife may pass away and we just aren’t able to get around like we used to.  For many seniors, life becomes isolated, lonely and can slow right down. Seniors is one of my favorite Kiwanis programs.  Even though our Seniors Program is meant to provide seniors with activities to enrich their quality of life, I feel that it is they who enrich my life.  I consider it my privilege to be able to take part in such Kiwanis activities as:  Hi Tea at the Governor General’s residence which we started in 1991 with Ray Hnatyshyn; Tours of the Chateau Laurier and the Tulip Festival; BBQ at various seniors residences; Boat trips on the Rideau Canal; The Mayor’s Canada Day Breakfast; and Our annual Christmas day lunch which we have been serving for over 28 years.  Seeing their excitement of getting together with old friends and meeting new ones, is such a great experience.  Listening to their stories and taking the time to have a coffee with them makes a huge difference and you can see it in the way they light up and enjoy the attention.  In our busy lives we forget how lonely it can be for some.  I truly feel fortunate that Kiwanis has given me the opportunity to enrich the life of so many Seniors.  To a great extend our community may have forgotten about our Seniors, but Kiwanis hasn’t! Again, this is only one of the many programs we, meaning all of us as a Club, make possible.  Each of our programs touches someone and works to make our community great.  I want to thank each of you for making Kiwanis great.  Your support through our Helping Hands campaign is very much appreciated.  Together we can and will continue to make an impact in our community.

Peter Patafie, Vice-President in charge of Fundraising

MUSIC FOR THE MIND Get your tickets !!  The Kiwanis Music Festival and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Foundation present  an evening of music  and wine appreciation with Groovy Grapes.  Thursday, March 30, 2006, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Black Tie optional.  Tickets are $100.  Call the Kiwanis office to reserve your ticket.

How has Kiwanis served the community this month? As you know, Connaught Public School has been designated by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, as a Beacon School, which means this school serves families who fall within the low socio-economic level of our society. Many of their families require a great deal of support.  Emergencies do come up and families often look to the school for support. “Your contribution will enable us to help take care of some situations.  Examples for which the emergency fund is used are:  bus fare for a mother to taker her children to CHEO; subsidizing field trips; boots; pull-up diapers; epi-pens not covered by OHIP.  Your members..through the many kind acts and support of our school, have shown themselves to be valued and caring members of our community.  Thank you all for your continued support”. 

Irene Cameron, Principal.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS Kiwanis Music Festival April 3-29, 2006 Highlights Concert, May 17, 2006 TOGETHER WE CAN in strengthening Kiwanis Membership Achieve More in changing the face of Kiwanis Nurture Excellence in everything we do