Weekly Meeting - Rod Bryden

Our cities are facing an increase in energy demands due in large part to population growth, which in turn is having an impact on our environment.  Rod Bryden is committed to the development of technology that can help solve some of these problems in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.  The first commercial scale Plasco Energy Plant is now weeks away from completion in Ottawa. The plant will operate for two years as a demonstration facility and will welcome many visitors from around the world beginning in the spring of 2007. Plasco Energy Group's patented plasma gasification technology will convert municipal solid waste and other feedstocks, into clean energy using intense and controllable heat from plasma arc generators in an oxygen-starved environment to decompose the input material into simple molecules.  In the one step process, organic matter is totally decomposed while the in-organics are simultaneously reduced to a dense non-leachable slag.  The two main byproducts of the process are a gas rich in CO and hydrogen,  suitable for use as a fuel,  and a slag which can be used for road aggregate, clay tiles, cast decorative products or insulated wallboard.  The operation of this plant will demonstrate a new choice for processing municipal solid waste: less costly to the municipality, friendly to the environment, and a source of distributed, recovered energy in our cities.

“One Can Make a Difference" President’s Rose: Guy Bourbonnière was introduced to our club in 1996 by former member Ted Digel.  He has been on almost every committee and has spent a lot of time mentoring in our sponsored youth programs.  Guy is an admirable Kiwanian with strong family values and is proud to share Kiwanis with his family. Every year, his wife and children volunteer to serve meals at the annual seniors Christmas luncheon and this year, he even had his mother volunteer.  Elected to the Board of Directors in 2004-05, this year he was elected to serve as Vice-President.  Guy is responsible for all Fundraising Committees, so all questions regarding the accomplishments or outlook of our projects must be reviewed by him.  Guy is clear and concise when reporting to the Board and always puts the Club first in his decisions.  Thanks Guy, for Making a Difference.

President Neil’s Thought For the Week:  A fine is a tax for doing wrong – A tax is a fine for doing well.

Raffle Prize Congratulations to President Neil, who won the raffle of three bottles of wine, (Red/White/Ice wine) and a baklawa dessert donated by Bob Littlemore & Russ Salo; to Myrna Beattie, who won the raffle of two tickets to the Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Night for Parkinson’s, donated by Larry Haffner; and to Phil Rossy, who won 4 tickets to the Kiwanis Showcase Idol, donated by Past President of the Kanata Club, Eldon Fox.  Thank you all for contributing, $100.00 was raised for our General Account.  Fine Session $70.75.

NEXT LUNCHEON MEETING: Friday January 26, 2007, 12:30 – 2:00pm, Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Drawing Room,  1 Rideau Street, Ottawa,  ON K1N 8S7 AGM  - Annual General Meeting At this meeting we will be reviewing our audited Financial Statements for our last fiscal year ended September 30, 2006, and looking at our Budgets for the current year.  Other new developments will be highlighted and there will be time for questions from the floor.   If you have any items you want added to the Agenda for discussion purposes, please contact President Neil McDonald at neil@capitalbenefit.ca or at his office 613-725-2128 x 224.  Or you can call the Kiwanis office at 613-233-1900.   Remember to bring the Annual Report that you picked up on Friday. There will be a few copies available.  Please review the Report and if you have any questions, contact President Neil.   ***  No guests at this meeting please   ***  

Luncheon Line-Up

Feb.2 Jim Watson, MPP Ottawa West - Nepean

Feb.9 Valentine’s Day Luncheon, Capital City Chorus, 45 male voices to serenade you!  Invite your special friend or bring a guest!  Please inform the Kiwanis office by Tuesday if you are bringing a guest.

Feb. 16 To be announced

Feb.23 To be announced

Mar.2 Membership Focus Day -  Invite a friend/business colleague to learn about Kiwanis!

Committee Meetings Tue.Jan.23       Bon Appetit, 12:00pm, Rideau Place on the River Mon.Jan.29      Cadets, 7:00pm, Notre Dame High School Happy Birthday Jan.20   David Costford & Ross Hadwen,   Jan.26   Phil Rossy 100% Attendance Tabs Congratulations to the following who were recognized for attending 52 meetings:  Geoff Godding 3yrs.

Bed Race message from President Neil McDonald

The Board of Directors will once again have a bed in the Bed Race – if we can find someone brave enough to sit on the bed!..  I am asking you, on behalf of our team, The HeadBoards, to please take a minute and consider making a pledge to our Team. This is an easy way for you to support the Bed Race fundraiser and to save your Head Boards from being on the bottom of the list of pledge seekers!

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa & The Ottawa Senators Hockey Club - Partners in Caring Game

We will be putting together a group to sell 50/50 tickets on February 14.  Bring a friend along to help out.  All you need is a loud voice.  If you can help, contact Jackie Holzman 613-729-9710 or email her at jackiefh@rogers.com   Proceeds of the evening go to YM/YWCA, Roger’s House and Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Youth initiatives.  Wednesday February 14, 2007. 

Hat Trick Sponsorship and Face-off Sponsorships are still available.  Last year we ran out of bonus game tickets so remember to get your ticket order in early.  These seats will only be held for us for a limited time (Note that these tickets will be for the Sens vs. the 2005-06 defending Stanley Cup Champion, Carolina Hurricanes on February 28).  For more information please contact Tom Spence 613-741-0741.

Third Annual Yuk Yuk's Comedy Night for Parkinson's - Saturday, January 27, 2007 7:30pm, Tudor Hall, 3750 Bowesville Road (Next to the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club)  Tickets $25.00 in advance, $30.00 at the door.  Tables of ten available.  No individual reserved seating.  For tickets contact Larry Haffner at 613-724-3878 or email  elh-jvh@rogers.com.  What better way to spend a cold January Saturday evening than in the warm, laugh-filled company of your family and friends while supporting the Parkinson's Society of Ottawa?  There is ample free parking, accessible facilities for disabled persons, and the Hall is fully licensed. Snack foods will be available.

Kiwanis Idol Red Carpet Showcase – Saturday, February 10, 2007

All the best Idol's from the last three years.  This will be a great Kiwanis event with a lot of media.  The singers will all arrive in limos on the Red Carpet. Don't miss this Kiwanis Night at Centrepointe Theatre and support Kiwanis Idol as well.  Tickets prices are: Adult $20.00, Youth $15.00, Student Rush tickets day of $10.00 and are available through Centerpointe Box Office or online at http://www.centrepointetheatre.com/index_en.html

Membership Committee Announcement "Invite a Friend/Colleague to Kiwanis Day on March 2” - Membership recruitment is a club responsibility.  Our goal is to bring in 20 new regular member and 12 corporate members for 2007! How can you help? Invite a friend or colleague to our Kiwanis luncheon on March 2, or any Friday leading up to March 2. The prospective member will be a guest of the club so no cost to you! (or you can use a pink chit).  Please be sure to inform the office if you are bringing a guest and if they are a prospective member.

CLUB ELECTIONS are coming! A reminder that we are approaching our Club Elections in the next 2 months and will be sending out the Primary Ballots on March 30, 2007 (already!).  Please make sure that your Account is up-to-date at the Kiwanis office, to ensure that you have voting privileges.  If you have any questions about the balance of your account, please contact Mike Kruger michealkruger@ottawakiwanis.org  Thank you. 

Health of the Club Wishes for a good recovery go out to Val Wilkins, who is laid up with a broken ankle.  She can’t put any weight on it for 6 weeks, so it’s great that she has many good friends who are willing to do her groceries, her laundry, and bring her food.

Former member Chris Thompson's 12-year old daughter, Samantha, went to CHEO last week, for open-heart surgery to close a one-inch hole in her heart.  The surgery went very well and the doctors are pleased with her progress. Sam is now at home, recovering quickly, and wants to get back to school.

Direct Assistance Committee (C/S) Thank you! Debbie Machida, Principal at Cambridge Street Public School and student Lisa Lam joined us for lunch on Friday to thank our club for supporting their request for new jerseys for the school sports team.  This was a group effort spearheaded by Bob Littlemore of the committee, and included artwork designed by Ben Babelowsky, his daughter, Jennifer Galetta who assisted with the procurement of jerseys through her contact with her client Motionwear the Source; Bob's son, Tom, who also worked on the crest design; and, Ken Hosack, Past President of the Kiwanis Club of Kanata and owner of Motionwear the Scource, who provided the jerseys at below cost. Thanks as well to our club member, Mark Max, for providing the transfer of crests and numbers to the jerseys.  Lisa, a student at Cambridge noted that the kids are proud to be wearing such beautiful jerseys.  

This is a sure sign that One Can Make a Difference!