Weekly Meeting - Rod Bryden on the Ottawa Senators

The beginning of a new year and what a turnout ! 142 members and guests showed up to hear Rod Bryden speak about the restructuring of the Ottawa Senators who are now in their 11th season. Mr. Bryden thanked Cyril Leeder who was in attendance for his support and hard work in getting and keeping the Corel Centre. Rod stressed that with the non-stop growth in Ottawa we are one of the most dynamic cities in our country, with a good 10 years behind us and a great 10 years ahead of us.

With the opportunity to buy a team and a building at a combined cost of what a franchise usually sells for, it was an opportunity that will benefit the team and the city for a long time to come. He stressed that the decline in ticket sales is a complete disconnection from the pride and enthusiasm we have for our Hockey Team.. To be a real city with a good hockey team, we have to pay for what we want and that means more businesses have to purchase corporate ticket packages. Let's do what we can to support our city's hockey team! Buy those tickets!

Thanks to Hassa "the assassin" Mirchandani, Shawn "the Beast" Williams, and Lorne "Moose" Usher for being the rookies out for the first camp. We have come a long way!

President's thought for the Week: Even if you are on the right path, you will get run over if you just sit there.

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