Weekly Meeting - Remembrance Day Luncheon, Lt. Gen Charles Belzile - "In Remembering our Military Past, Will the Future be as Distinguished?"

Thank you to the 211 Air Cadet Color Party and the bugler from the Canadian Forces Band, as well as a big thank you to the Music Commit-tee who got everyone involved in today's programme.

It was nice to see so many veterans in our club attend today's luncheon and it was especially nice to listen to Lorne Smith recite one of his poems. Lt. General Belzile shares our interest and dedication in making our community a better place to live, as do all members of Canada's Armed Forces.

The state of the Armed Forces today raises the question of whether they would be capable of facing the new so-called asymmetri-cal threats such as drug trafficking, terrorism and other matters which fall out of the normal law enforcement agencies. The Canadian Forces has a challenge of maintaining sufficient human resources, which is in serious danger of further depletions, while mod-ernizing high-tech capabilities, with limited funding. The question of "will the future be as distinguished" was difficult to answer beyond should a need ever come again to show our National mettle, Lt. Gen-eral Belzile is confident that we could again face the challenge.

Thought For The Week

Those who neglect our history are bound to repeat it.


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