Weekly Meeting - Remembrance Day Luncheon, Brigadier General Michel Gauthier

Major General Gauthier commended the Cadets for their participation noting that he was an Air Cadet when he was young. He explained that his last mission, Operation Apollo, was the challenge of a lifetime. The global campaign against terrorism saw 5,000 men and women deployed in our defence over Southwest Asia. As national commander with 2,500 under his command, Major Gauthier directed these Navy and Air Force battle groups through warfare, not a peacekeeping mission, and they were exceptional in their field. He stressed that the Canadian Forces are selfishly serving their country and it was not only about being uncomfortable in the 57°C heat and the dust, but about huge personal sacrifice. Also, they face a depth of challenges and continue to offer outstanding service that is making us proud.

Thank you to the Music Committee for their beautiful singing and thank you to the Cadets for their colour party performance. Remembrance Day just wouldn't be the same with Past President Lorne Smith reading one of his poems. Thank you Lorne.

President's thought for the Week Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. John Wayne

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