Weekly Meeting - Remembrance Day - Allan Bacon - Military Historian

Thank you to the Cadets for leading in the Head Table, for their Colour Party presentation, to Anne Gregory for being the bugler, and to Matt McGrath for laying the wreath on behalf of our war dead. It was an honour to have our veterans at the Head Table, and to hear from members and guests with a military background, who shared with us a bit of their history with the war. If time permitted, we would've listened even longer. Thank you to Lorne Smith, who reads one of his own poems, each year during our Remembrance Day Luncheon.

As a Military Historian, Allan Bacon, thanked our veterans for all they have done, as we would not be here today, if not for them. He stressed the need for us to remember - to realize the sacrifices that were lost and the freedom that we have today - as a way of ensuring the past is not repeated.

President David's thought for the week: Our veterans fought in two World Wars in defence of our democratic values. Don't forget to vote on Monday.

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