Weekly Meeting - President's Meeting

President Bill’s theme was Why Kiwanis?? and he quoted Martin Luther King Jr., who said, “anybody can serve – you don’t need a college degree to serve. you only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love…” Community service is needed for the hungry, the lonely, the handicapped, the elderly, the youth, and more… and it is the responsibility of all of us to give, of ourselves, and, hopefully, of both time and money. A person has a right and obligation to look down at another person, only when that person needs help to get up from the ground!! It’s interesting that statistics show those whose income is lower actually donate a greater percentage of their income to charity. And by giving, we can all Make A Difference. President Bill read the Objects of Kiwanis International, then shared a poem with us about a Kiwanis Garden (see page 5). Thank you to the three members who shared a bit of their personal lives with us, Dawn Morewood, Ken Nelson, and Howard Whittaker. Community service was introduced to each of them when they were younger, and it was a natural fit for them to continue to serve through Kiwanis, and to make Kiwanis part of their family. This is a great way for us to get to know the members, and if you are interested in sharing some of your personal life with us, contact Helene Crabb, Chair of Program Committee, at helene@alc-auriga.ca

“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Harold Feder Harold joined our club in 1996 sponsored by Barb Perrin. He has Chaired the Youth & Community Services Committee (1999-2000) and the Circle K Committee (2000-01). In 2003-04 Harold was elected to serve as a Director on our Board of Directors. As a lawyer, he is often called upon to provide his advice and counsel, and he always keeps the best of the club in mind. This year Harold was elected to serve as one of our Vice-Presidents on the Board of Directors, working alongside Guy Bourbonnière. He was the leader on the Board of Directors’ Strategic Plan Committee and worked closely with Jamie Johnson and the Executive of the Board. Harold is a fine Kiwanian and his professionalism, and his attention to detail, makes him an outstanding Board member. Harold, thank you for Making a Difference in our community.

100% Attendance Tabs

Congratulations to the following who were recognized for attending 52 meetings: Bob Garrow 2yrs. Lt. Governor David Daubney 13yrs.

Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Tom Burnie, who won the raffle of a Sports Bag with thermos and water bottle, donated by Mark Max. Thank you all for contributing, $67.00 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $80.00. Thank you to President Bill, who was the highest bidder at $200 for the Senators vs. Sabres game tickets in the box, donated by Wayne French. Thank you Wayne for your contribution to our General Account. [<p>

Next Luncheon Meeting

No Luncheon Scheduled - February 15, 2008 Family Day Long Weekend

Next Meeting: Friday, February 22, 2008 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Laurier Room, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, On K1N 8S7 Kiwanis Medical Foundation Luncheon - Antoine Hakim, M.D., PhD, Program Director, Neuroscience, Ottawa Health Research Institute

Luncheon Line-Up

Feb.29 Ken Bickley, “Laughter”

Mar.7 Dr. Jacques Lemelin, Chair Department of Family Medicine, “Organizing Primary Care”

Mar.14 Linda Eagen, President & Ceo Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Mar.21 * No Meeting Scheduled – Easter Long Weekend

Mar.28 Circle K Luncheon – Grete Hale, Chair of Morrison Lamothe

Happy Birthday - Feb.5 Rick Barrigar & Rob Thompson Feb.6 Max Kilongozi & Barb Perrin Feb.9 Ian Sterling Feb.12 Robert Houle

Committee Meetings

Mon.Feb.11 Board of Directors’ meeting 5:30pm Staples, 403 Bank Street Tue.Feb.12 Program 7:00pm Frank Hegyi’s office, 200 Colonnade Rd. #8 Wed.Feb.13 Young Children’s Projects 12:00pm Ian Sterling’s office Tue.Feb.19 Golf 12:00pm, Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Wed.Feb.20 Circle K 12:00pm, Ian Hendry’s office Corporate Membership 12:00pm, Chimo Motel Direct Assistance 12:00pm, Kiwanis office

Reading is Fundamental Book Presentations at Connaught School

Thank you to the following Kiwanians, who attended the Reading is Fundamental (Rif) Book Presentation at Connaught Public School on Tuesday, February 5; Tom Burnie, Eric Cosgrove, Helene Crabb, Bruno Di Chiara, Bob Garrow, Ross Hadwen, Ian Hendry, Jamie Johnson, Kanta Marwah, George Old, George Perrin, Greg Plazek, Tom Pullen, Russ Salo, Lorne Usher, Barry Weatherdon, Shawn Williams, and friends of Kiwanis, Joanne Gosewitz and Joan Keane. Based upon today’s presentation we may have a new reader for Ross’s group….This is what Kiwanis is about – making a difference in the life of a child! I believe every Kiwanian should see this. President Bill Gosewitz

Club Elections are coming! $$ - Our Club By-Laws State that “The Elections Committee shall send out to each, Active, Privileged and Senior member in good standing a nominating ballot, which shall list in alphabetical order, all Active, Privileged and Senior members of the Club”. This list will contain only those names of the Club members in good standing as defined in Article 5; a member is not in good standing if (“a member being two (2) months in arrears in the payment of dues and/or financial obligations”). Please make sure that your Account is up-to-date at the Kiwanis office, to ensure that you have voting privileges. If you have any questions about the balance of your account, please contact Mike Kruger. Thank you. The Club’s Primary Ballot for the elections of next year’s Board of Directors will be mailed out on March 31, 2008.

Interclub, Sports and Social Committee Asks???

1. Would you care to curl at the Nepean Sportsplex Wednesday February 20, from 5 to 7pm? Cost is $10.00 per person. Family, teenagers+ and friends welcome. Free parking. 2. Would you care to skate at ScotiaBank Place Friday February 15, from 7 to 8pm? Cost is $10.00 per person. Family and friends welcome. Free parking in Ymca lot. Sign up sheets will be on the tables at our weekly luncheons or call the Kiwanis office if you are interested. For further information, please contact: Bob Vergette at 613-225-0400, bobvergette@associateair.ca or Kathleen Holst 613-721-4141 or holstkr@aol.com

Tea and Fashion Show

The Kiwanis Club of Bytown is presenting a tea and fashion show, “Accessories by Sid”, on Sunday, April 27, 2008, 1:30pm at the Centurion Restaurant, 170 Colonnade Road S. The tickets are $35 each. Proceeds will be going to causes which are supported by the Club, i.e. women, children (camperships and literacy) and seniors in particular. We are hoping to sell at least 200 tickets for this fun event. Sid puts on a wonderful show, and his accessories are reasonable and within reach of all budgets! Do make up a table of eight if you can. Or: come on your own with a friend and you will be seated by us at a table at which you will enjoy good company. Step into spring and support worthy causes in your community. Tickets are available through Shirley Bradley, shirley.bradley@rogers.com or 613-226-3657, or even by fax at 613-226-5220. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Some men have been addressed here. Please tell your wives or partners about this event or come yourselves! Sincerely, Shirley

Did you plant a Kiwanis garden? Presented by President Bill at the February 8 luncheon meeting with the theme Why Kiwanis?

First plant 5 rows of peas

Presence, promptness, preparation, purity, perseverance

Next plant 3 rows of squash

Squash gossip, squash indifference, squash unjust criticism

Then plant 5 rows of lettuce

Let us be faithful to duty, Let us be unselfish and loyal. Let us be true to our objects and obligations. Let us obey the rules and regulations. Let us love one another

No garden is complete without turnips

Turn up for meetings. Turn up with a smile, Turn up with new ideas, Turn up with new members, Turn up with determination to make everything count for something good and worthwhile……. That is why Kiwanis……..

Annual General Meeting, January 25, 2008 - President Bill Gosewitz’s message

What have we done this year????? Charles Darwin said ‘it is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’….. This year we have implemented changes to our system.

The human condition is hesitant to change. But we have accomplished much to date…. - Changed the luncheons from 12:30 to noon. (it may sound trivial but it is a change – it has met with some resistance and valid points have been made – I intend to fine tune this and likely consider 12:15 pm as a further test and compromise.

- Amended the luncheon format, to put the speaker up front, which allows the members to discuss the information during lunch.

- Introduced the President’s luncheon to allow us to get to know our members better – to more easily associate with each other.

- Strengthened the Interclub Sports and social program to encourage our members to mingle and bring friends and family – providing a better understanding by all of the Kiwanis Family.

- Encouraged and empowered the membership committee to tackle the issues of membership retention, prepaid meals and attendance. Allowed them to formulate plans which will be tested with the proviso that any problems will be fixed in association with the committee.

The Board of Directors unanimously attended a retreat in Mont Tremblant with a facilitator, at their own expense. This allowed the board to bond and to concentrate on the most pressing issues which must be addressed immediately. At that retreat – a vision was formulated – as follows, - Kco focus is on Children and Youth within the Ottawa-Carleton Region and other vulnerable groups provided the youth component can be used as a receiver or an enabler. Youth focus is a pre-requisite. What does that mean – we focus on youth initiatives? Any others must allow us to use our youth sponsored groups within the activity. The retreat came up with a number of initiatives which are currently being focused on by the board. We have met with the past presidents and for the most part they are onside with our initiatives

We will, and I stress will be instituting the follow initiatives. 1.Reduce Office Expenses – a plan is currently being developed and all options are on the table. This will likely involve our members having to shoulder some of the responsibilities which have been channeled to the office in the past – some excellent ideas are coming forward. 2.Take ownership and leadership role in various projects –i.e. Read-a-thon, Music Festival –look for opportunities to involve members. 3.Sponsored youth – continue programs and identify programs to be expanded. This supports the vision of supporting and enabling youth. 4.Fundraising – hire a professional fundraiser. 5.Implement Friends of Kiwanis and New Member mentorship programs 6.Recruit / engage / social - Increase membership through association – more social events to include spouses family and friends. 7.Fundraising – identify specific community service projects (new and existing) consistent with vision with high impact, high visibility for the community to provide a cause to fundraise for. Consult with major sponsors and prospective sponsors to identify their interests and objectives. 8.Diversity –eliminate quotas – promote connection with communities. 9.Committee Chairs - - 2 year term – develop leadership training program and process binder. Focus on implementation of strategic plan. Succession plan in consultation with current chairs. – I would also add budget planning process move to finalize by Sept 1. 10.Executive – President to choose from among elected Directors. Communication from Executive to the board through summary of Executive minutes.

Suggestions have been made to have candidates campaign so members know where they are coming from. Change is ongoing – we will make changes until we get it right. We need to focus on process – membership expansion and retention – costs both of membership and internally. These issues take time but we have a list. We are formulating plans and steps to implement the plans. The Board and Executive are excited and looking to confirm, that ‘as one we can make a difference’

A few housekeeping announcements – as per the approval of the Board of Directors on November 19, 2007 – all future new Kiwanis members (to our club) require a Police Records Check and any cost would be added to the initiation fee. Since they will be volunteering primarily to serve the vulnerable sector of the population, there is no cost. Applicants will require a letter from our office stating they are seeking a Police Records Check for the purpose of volunteering. Our membership application form has that stipulation noted on it, so that should suffice. The applicant can apply for this by contacting the Ottawa Police Services.