Weekly Meeting - Peter Charbonneau and Dr. Frank Hayden - January 2000 Special Olympics

A full house of 255 people gave a standing ovation to Dr. Frank Hayden as he presented the history of the Special Olympic Games starting with the Kennedys in Ireland. With videos of past Olympic Games, he emphasized how the vehicle of sport has changed the way disabled people feel about themselves and how the families, friends, teachers and volunteers all benefit from their involvement with the Special Olympics. From the turnout of over 60 Kiwanians from all the local clubs in Division 12 and 13 it is evident that there will be strong support from Kiwanis for the Canadian Special Olympics 2000 Winter Games in January. Bill Harsh received the rose on June 25 for his devotion and loyalty to the objects of Kiwanis and for his personal efforts in obtaining toys and books for the Forward Street Emergency Shelter. - Newsletter 99 Jun 25 .pdf