Weekly Meeting - Peter Charboneau, Publisher, Over The Road Magazine, “The Perfect Storm, Can you visualize empty shelves in your grocery store?"

It’s always great when we have one of our own Kiwanis members speak at our Friday luncheons – we have a wealth of knowledge and interest right at our fingertips!

Peter Charboneau of Over the Road Magazine (not Over the Hill…) shared some interesting facts about the trucking industry, which is the largest industry in Canada.

The average age of truck drivers is 53, and 60% own their own tractor trailers. Since 9/11 the price of fuel has risen by $56,000 and this is absorbed by the drivers, along with insurance costs. They have a tough job – they are responsible for loading their own trailer, they drive it - and the weather doesn’t stop them - and they unload it. There is a thickening at the Us borders 24/7, with up to 5kms wait line – so long that port-a-potties have been installed. Drivers often travel this 2-3 times a week and are paid by the mile. The trucks are environmentally regulated and must adhere to strict rules, thereby not contributing any emissions to the environment.

In January 09 ‘speed limiters’ have been installed and prevent the trucks from travelling over 105kms/hr. They prefer to go slow to preserve fuel and end up slowing down the traffic on major highways – and they are monitored closely so they follow the rules. They are not happy with the Federal Government’s new regulations that limit them to 16 hours service, which means they can only drive 13 hours a day. This makes cross Canada travel very difficult.

They need 37,000 new drivers every year, as the older drivers step down and the younger drivers go somewhere else. They must be 21 years old and the insurance is high, so there are not enough younger drivers coming forward. If this job was accepted by the Federal Government as a skilled trade then more people would be able to drive the trucks. If no changes come forward, we will soon see many empty shelves. Attendance 51 = Members 43, guests 8

President’s Rose – One Can Make A Difference – Howard Lithwick

Howard has been with our club since 1976 and is a 30-year member of our Legion of Honour. He Chaired the Key Club Committee, and much of his contribution has been to the students of our sponsored Key Club and Circle K over the years and he continues to work with the Circle K and never misses their committee meetings. He spent hundreds of hours to charter our 4th Key Club at Sir Robert Borden High School, which is a great accomplishment for our Club. The youth of today truly appreciate a sincere, caring adult who makes them feel special and worthwhile. Howard has done that with the students and they continue to think of him as their friend and confidant. He often provides the liaison for our club, even though he can’t come out to Friday luncheons very often. Last weekend, he worked closely with the Circle K students to organize the Circle K Convention which was sponsored by our Carleton Circle K and hosted in Ottawa, and he was a tremendous advisor for them. He arranged for accommodations and drivers through our own club membership, and he personally attended every event at the Convention. Howard is another typical unsung hero of our club, working continuously behind the scenes, and we Thank you Howard, for Making a Difference in our community!!


Congratulations to Clive Woolley who won the raffle of the book “Death Can Wait” with excerpts by Frank Hegyi, Jackie Holzman and other cancer survivors, donated by Jackie and Frank. Thank you all for contributing, $65 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $33

Next Luncheon Meeting

Friday, March 6, 2009, 12:15 – 1:45, Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Laurier Room

Happy Birthday to our March birthday babies … Mar 1 – Martin Diegel, Mar 3 – Sandra Presley and Bob Littlemore, Mar 4 – Dominic Ferrarotto, Mar 6 – Tom Spence and Father Barry McGrory, Mar 7 – Don Blakslee, Mar 10 – Bill Gosewitz, Mar 11 – Tom Burnie, Mar 15 – Lynda Campbell, Mar 17 – Tom Beveridge, Mar 19 – Stephen Smye, Mar 29 – Allan Macintyre, Mar 31 – Ross Christensen.

Committee Meetings

Tue. Mar 3 Bedzzz Race wrap-up 12:00 Lone Star on St. Laurent Blvd. Circle K 12:00 Anthony McGlynn’s office New Members’ 7:00 pm Geoff Godding’s office Mon Mar 9 Program 6:30pm Frank Hegyi’s office Tue Mar 10 Golf 12:00 Apollo Property Mgmt Wed Mar 11 Bon Appetit 7:00 Am Perkins’ Restaurant Young Children’s Project 12:00 Warren Gencher’s office Thu Mar 12 Key Club 8:00am Trane

Upcoming Luncheons

Mar 13 Joseph Lavoie, Navigator Limited

Mar 20 Senator Joyce Fairbairn on Literacy

Mar 27 Cristi Cook – Majority Marketing

Apr 3 New Members’ Luncheon – Fun, Fun, Fun!

Apr 9 Thursday, 7:30 a.m. Breakfast at Fairmont Chateau Laurier

(Committees in this area under the leadership of VP Martin Diegel)

Spaghetti Dinner

Kiwanis sponsored Key Club at Nepean High School is having their 9th Annual Spaghetti Dinner - March 5th 2009, from 6:00pm - 8:30pm in the Nepean High School Cafeteria Cost: Children 5 and under are free, Students in advance $5, Adults in advance $7.50, Students/Adults at the door $10. All proceeds go towards the Guatemala Stove project. http://www.guatemalastoveproject.org/

Thank you :) from Gennie McNicol Circle K Convention

Thank you to the following members who contributed to the convention held in Ottawa last weekend, hosted by the Carleton Circle K Club. The following either provided accommodation for some of the students, or offered to drive the students to their events… Howard Lithwick, Peter Charboneau, Bruno DiChiara

(Committees in this area under the leadership of VP Phil Rossy)

Bon Appetit Silent Auction Tuesday, May 5, 2009 5:30 – 9:00 Aberdeen Pavilion

Welcome to Co-Chairs Phil Rossy and Bruno DiChiara who will be leading this committee. The next Committee meeting is on Wednesday, March 11th at 7:00 a.m. at Perkin’s Restaurant. If You Are Interested in joining this committee, contact VP Phil Rossy at phil.rossy@rogers.com or 613-592-1230 *** Silent Auction Items - If you are able to contribute to this year’s event, or if you are able to obtain an item from your business contacts, we’d be interested in more items for fitness, gardening, cycling, house wares, sports, digital and electronic equipment, etc. Think of what you’d like to bid on at an auction. A Donor Slip is attached for you to copy. The Bon Appetit is a terrific event for you to invite your business colleagues and friends. Over 2,000 people are wooed by more than 90 of the region’s top Restaurants, Wineries and Breweries, and this event sells out every year. Eat and drink to your heart's content for only $75.00! Tickets to the event can be purchased from Tom Spence at our Friday meetings or give Tom a call at 613-741-0741. In 2008, thanks to the help of our club members and our donors, the Silent Auction at Bon Appetit raised $30,000 These funds are vital for our continued support of our sponsored youth and children programs. As one of our 4 major fundraisers, the Silent Auction should be well supported. If you would like to volunteer the day of the event, please sign up on the sheets at the luncheons, or give Phil Rossy a call.

(Committees in this area under the leadership of President-Elect Peter Nadeau)

Official Notice - Club Elections

Our Club Bylaws state that “the Elections Committee shall send out to each Active and Senior member ‘in good standing’ a nominating ballot, which shall list in alphabetical order, all Active and Senior members of the club.” This list will contain only those names of the Club members in good standing as defined in Article 5, a member is not in good standing if (‘ a member being two (2) months in arrears in the payment of dues and/or financial obligations). The Club’s Primary Ballot for the elections of next year’s Board of Directors will be mailed out on April 1, 2009.

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