Weekly Meeting - Paul Darby, Conference Board of Canada

Paul Darby, Conference Board of Canada gave us all much food for thought as he outlined the pressing policy concerns for Canada over the next five to ten years - the increasing supply needs with decreasing capacity of the labour force; the widening gap between US and Canadian GDP which will continue to widen unless we "outgrow" US GDP; the aging of the population leaving fewer people to do the work; a social policy put in place in the 60's which is no longer sustainable; low literacy levels in a technical workplace; the dramatically rising costs of health care in an aging population; and more money being put into health care to the detriment of education at a time when education has to be a priority for a knowledge based workplace. He noted the widening disparity between Canadian values and what is and will be affordable in social programming. The bottom line .... We can't have it all! An excellent, thought provoking, wake up call ...we will have to have Paul back for further discussion.

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Musical Tribute to Jackie Holzman

The Music Committee performed again, for our club, the musical Tribute that they had presented at the St. Joe's Women's Centre Dinner, November 8th, a special evening organized to pay tribute and honour Jackie Holzman with the "Quality of Life Award." It brought smiles, laughter and tears. Lynn Noel, Executive Director of the St. Joe's Women's Centre noted that the evening had raised $15,800 for the Centre.

Thought for the Week: You know you’re getting old when you stoop to tie your shoes and wonder what else you can do while you’re down there.

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