Weekly Meeting - Ottawa Senators/Partners in Caring

Director Mike St. Louis' first time in the chair, and he did a fine job....Our Music Committee tried their best to get us all to sing in harmony - not a chance! - but their love songs got us in the mood for amore.

Clive Woolley spoke on the Ottawa Senators/ Partners In Caring contribution to our club projects and Elliot Melamed raised $2100 with his auction of Senators' goodies. Thank you all for your bids.

Howard Whittaker and Derek Finley spoke on the YCPO committee's exciting new pilot project - Kiwanis Read-a-thon - which will offer schools an exciting way to improve literacy by making reading more fun and it also holds great promise as a significant fundraiser for our club.

Thought for the Week: Love may not make the world go round but it sure makes the ride worthwhile. -