Weekly Meeting - Ottawa Senators/Kiwanis “Partners In Caring”

Cyril Leeder spoke on the reasons that the Ottawa Senators is a great team that has made it to the playoffs for 7 years, and 8 is certain - top scouting, great teachers and coaches, John Muckler and Jacques Martin, great goalie, three solid lines, depth, youth, and talent.

The Senators are also strong in the community, similar to Kiwanis, since they recognize that they can help improve the quality of life for people in this city. Carol Houston from Ronald McDonald House, and Shawn Williams of the YCPO Committee, thanked the Ottawa Senators/Kiwanis 'Partners In Caring' fundraiser, for supporting their project.

Thank you to Elliot Melamed who conducted the Live Auction of the Senators Suite and top-of-the line tickets to the Senators, courtesy of the Ottawa Senators. Funds raised will go directly to our Partners In Caring fundraiser.

Given the weather this month we might share the assumption of many outsiders, that Canada has only two seasons; winter and not winter. In fact, Canada has no fewer than six distinct seasons: Hockey; Tax; More Hockey; Still More Hockey; Summer (also known as the July Long Weekend): and finally, "Good God, Isn't the Hockey Season over by now?!"

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