Weekly Meeting - New Members' Luncheon

From members dressed up in Hockey jerseys, a spin off the Survivor series and good team spirit, the New Members put on a great meeting. With the club divided into four teams which included unique names such as the Two-Fours, Back Bacons, the Hosers and the Touques, members ate their lunch in suspence. The Two-Fours won the last challenge and took home the grand prize of 10 pairs of tickets to this Sunday's Senators game, donated by the Ottawa Citizen. An impressive $821 was raised at the meeting with proceeds going to the Membership Committee as well as the Fine Pot. Congrats go out to the New Members' Committee who put on a great meeting.

Thought for the Week! Life in Canada is a lot like a hockey game. You keep your head up, your stick on the ice and try to stay out of the penalty box.

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