Weekly Meeting -New Members Fun Luncheon

It was very evident that the New Members wanted to mess with us! and everything was done Backwards. Starting with the Adjournment, they went through the Agenda completely in reverse. A wide array of jokes and one-liners given by each of the Head Table members: Dawn Pickering, Kanta Marwah, Cathy James-Zelney, Shaun Vardon, Major Max Bulmer, and Alison Poirier as the President of the newly formed BackWards Club of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa.

What a good theme and a great job done by the New Members of the Club! As part of the Backwards Luncheon, Shaun Vardon introduced us to a New Member: Jack Crusty is a man who has done absolutely nothing for his community, and is lazy, selfish and doesn’t like children. He graduated at the bottom of his class, he can’t sing, and he has no sense of humour. He does not want to sit on any committees, will not take part in any fundraisers, is delinquent in his payments, and thinks plastic ducks are stupid. (NOT!! He would not be a welcome addition to our Club!)

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